High quality achieves new heights, STEP leads the rise of the "hard core" force of domestic robots

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-19 00:00

High quality achieves new heights, STEP leads the rise of the "hard core" force of domestic robots

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-19 00:00

From December 14th to 16th, the 2022 Gaogong Robot Annual Conference and the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony with the theme of "Great Changes in the World, New Era in China" were held in Shenzhen. Mr. Zhou Guangxing, deputy general manager of STEP and general manager of the robotics business department , was invited to deliver a keynote speech entitled "High Quality Achieves New Heights" at the new energy special session named by STEP, focusing on the construction of core competitiveness, product series creation and industry application expansion and other multi-dimensional, introduced the situation of STEP leading the development of domestic robots with R & D and innovation. At the same time, STEP won the "2022 Leading Enterprise" award in the industrial robot industry.




Driven by independent research and development, led by quality manufacturing


As a "specialized, refined and new" enterprise, STEP focuses on the robot track, and through R&D-driven, it realizes the layout of the entire industrial chain of core components, bodies, and solutions earlier in China.


In the context of the industry's continuous pursuit of improving the overall performance of robots, STEP has firmly grasped the breakthrough direction of high-order dynamic algorithms, and built a solid moat for long-term product leadership and customer recognition: through trajectory planning, vibration suppression and path feedforward, etc. Technology, the speed of the robot is increased by 10%-30%, the acceleration and deceleration are more stable, and the life of the reducer, motor and other components is longer.


In the manufacturing of robot products, STEP adheres to its own concept of continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, and leading the industry. STEP's world-leading robot super factory has an annual order production and delivery capacity of 10,000 units. At the same time, more than 20 type tests run through the entire production cycle of the product to ensure that all performance indicators of the product are "run out" by the laboratory. For example, for the handling of lithium batteries, the on-load anti-collision flexibility test can avoid possible collision and extrusion of batteries and peripheral equipment, which may cause wear and damage.


The continuous creation of high-quality products has also contributed to the core role of STEP robots in the industrial chain. This year, STEP took the lead as the first round of chain owners, and joined hands with 12 key upstream and downstream enterprises of the robot industry chain in the three provinces and one city of the Yangtze River Delta to jointly build "full-Yangtze River Delta-made" robots . Expand the application of digital and intelligent transformation, and improve the resilience and security level of the industrial chain and supply chain.



Empowerment of product innovation, in-depth scenarios to create value


STEP insists on driving value with innovation. In 2022, in order to meet the diversified application scenarios, it will successively launch a variety of new robot products.


Fully updated and upgraded its SCARA product family, the arm length of 20 new models covers 350mm-1200mm, the maximum load is 20kg, the protection level is IP65, and the side-mounted installation method is newly added, which makes the installation more flexible. These new models further enrich the product matrix of STEPSCARA's full range, providing more efficient and cost-effective robot solutions for the full-scenario and full-process intelligent manufacturing of lithium batteries.



Welding robots are also STEP's key and perfect product line. The upcoming SA6/2000H is equipped with a new high-order dynamics algorithm. The repeatability is less than ±0.05mm, and the cycle time is increased by 20%. The welding function package has been upgraded again, and the efficiency of arc starting in flight has been improved. The development of this model fully considers the application requirements of the auto parts industry, and the research and development prototype has been delivered to many auto parts factories for testing.



Up to now, there are more than 10 STEP robot product series, the load covers 3kg-600kg, and more than 60 models, forming a rich product matrix. At the same time, vigorously develop custom software function packages and reduce programming difficulty, opening up a broad space for welding, palletizing, loading and unloading, sorting, testing, assembly and other scene applications.


Focus on subdivided industries and accurately serve customers


STEP follows the strategy of "robot complete machine + process" , and creates high-precision, high-reliability, high-efficiency, high-intelligence, and high-intensity robot solutions for target industries , bringing value to customers and the industry.


3C electronics


STEP's subsidiary Zhongweixing SCARA is deeply involved in 3C electronics, and cooperates with many customers including Foxconn to serve global manufacturing. At present, STEP is focusing on tapping the potential of the 3C stock market, using innovative robot solutions to meet the new needs of customer scenarios and process changes.



Lithium battery


STEP combines robot technology with lithium battery production technology, greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality of lithium battery pole piece production, cell synthesis, chemical composition, module & PACK line process, and drives lithium battery manufacturers to upgrade and transform their technology . At present, STEP's full series of multi-joint robots, SCARA products, and full-scenario lithium battery solutions can be applied to processes such as sorting, gluing, film tearing, handling, and testing.


Recently, STEP reached a cooperation with a well-known domestic lithium battery manufacturer and signed an order for more than 500 50kg heavy-duty SCARAs, marking another solid step for STEP in the market expansion of the lithium battery industry.





Together with its partner Shanghai Gude, it quickly responds to the new needs of the rubber tire industry for handling, loading and unloading, laser engraving, etc., and provides a complete set of intelligent manufacturing solutions from robots to standard equipment, from application software to customized function development. The current service Tire manufacturers include Zhongce Rubber, Linglong Tire, Sailun Tire, etc.



welding application


STEP has always insisted that "the decisive opportunity for domestic brands lies in market segments", and the field of welding has been deeply cultivated in industries such as power towers, construction steel structures, all-terrain vehicles, and construction machinery. Taking the power tower as an example, STEP innovatively uses parametric programming and laser-guided welding technology to build a STEP tower foot welding intelligent robot workstation.



In the future, STEP is willing to work with distributors and system integrators to jointly build a robot and intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, aiming at segmented markets, with high-quality products, comprehensive and in-depth craftsmanship, and timely and thoughtful services, to jointly create the differentiation of Chinese robot brands Advantages to win more market development space.

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