Cooperate with each other • Shengshi Bida | STEP robot held South China Integrator Fortune Summit

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Cooperate with each other • Shengshi Bida | STEP robot held South China Integrator Fortune Summit

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On January 12, the 2017 STEP Robot South China Integrator Fortune Summit, jointly sponsored by Shanghai STEP Robot Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Rexunda Robot System Co., Ltd., was grandly held at the Hilton Hotel in Guangzhou. The theme of this summit is "Joint Cooperation, Victory is Sure to be Achieved", which attracted nearly 100 integrators from all over the country to attend the meeting to discuss cooperation matters, and achieved results beyond expectations. Ren Yutong, executive chairman of Guangdong Robotics Association, Chen Riteng, secretary-general of Shunde Robotics Association, Cai Liang, general manager of STEP Robotics, Huo Jintian, general manager of Rexunda Robotics, and some senior executives of the two companies attended the meeting.

The "four people" of the summit will gather together the development of the robot industry

At the meeting, four important guests took the stage to deliver speeches one by one. They all expressed their hope for more cooperation in the future to form a joint development force and jointly promote the development of themselves and the robot industry.


Ren Yutong, Executive President of Guangdong Robotics Association

Thanks to Lixunda Robot, STEP Robot and all integrators who have been enthusiastically supporting our work in all aspects for a long time, and have made important contributions to the development and progress of the robot industry in our province. Guangdong Robotics Association will continue to work together with everyone to promote the rapid development of China's industrial robots, make due contributions to the upgrading and transformation of my country's manufacturing industry, and the successful implementation of "Made in China 2025"!


Cai Liang, General Manager of STEP Robotics

It is our unswerving strategic choice to deepen exchanges and cooperation, build an interactive platform, and achieve coordinated development. We will take this summit as an opportunity to create higher-quality, higher-performance intelligent series products with a more open and flexible concept, a more pragmatic and efficient style of work, and a more honest and cooperative principle, and share cooperation and development with our partners. Unlimited business opportunities, and jointly create a better future!


Huo Jintian, general manager of Li Xunda Robotics

Cooperation is to better deal with competition. After many times of communication and coordination with STEP robot, we realized that cooperation is beneficial to complement each other's advantages and achieve a win-win situation. In addition to recognizing each other's comprehensive strength, we decided to reach a strategic partnership, and work together to achieve brand co-building, channel sharing, and further optimize the market layout. , Create synergistic benefits and enhance market competitiveness. Lixunda Robot is willing to grow together with everyone and welcome the next glory!


Liu Jian, Chairman of Guangdong Guozhe Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

The years of hand in hand with STEP robots are also the years of rapid development of Guangdong Guozhe. The choice of STEP robot is not only because of its reliable quality and excellent performance, but also because it has a standardized market policy, which greatly reduces the difficulty and pressure of our business promotion. Facts have also proved that it is a good brand. We firmly believe that our cooperation with STEP Robot and Rexunda Robot will have a very good prospect, and we will leave a strong mark in the market in the coming year.

Nearly a hundred integrators came to stage the robot version of "Dream Partner"

At the scene, Cai Liang, general manager of STEP Robot, Huo Jintian, general manager of Rexunda Robot, Zhang Minliang, R&D director of STEP Robot, and He Zexian, deputy general manager of Rexunda Robot, successively shared the development history and prospects of the two companies, product and technical advantages, and sales preferential policies. Made an in-depth and detailed introduction, so that integrators have a full understanding of the company's development strength, product technology application market, and the prospect of the robot industry. Many integrators at the scene expressed their willingness to cooperate and signed contracts directly on the spot, becoming "dream partners" with STEP Robot and Rexunda Robot.


Zhang Minliang, R&D Director of STEP Robotics

As a brand enterprise of robot body research and development, STEP robot relies on years of independent research and development, has mastered a large number of core technologies, and achieved large-scale production at the same time. As a benchmark enterprise in the system integration of the robotics industry, Rexunda Robot has accumulated a lot of excellent experience in the commercialization and large-scale popularization of robots. This is the key to the two companies being able to attract so many integrators. We will also work together to create more preferential and favorable policies for integrators.


He Zexian, deputy general manager of Li Xunda Robotics

After the meeting, some participants also visited the factory area of ​​Rexunda Robotics on the spot. Integrators and on-site technicians discussed and exchanged topics on integrated systems, and intuitively felt the rich experience and achievements of Rexunda Robotics in integrated systems.


Part of the participants visited the Rixunda robot factory

Integration is the trend Industry 4.0 leads trillions of business opportunities

With the inflection point of China's demographic dividend and the acceleration of the industry 4.0 era, the intelligent equipment industry represented by industrial robots is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. As of 2016, China has become the world's largest consumer market for industrial robots for four consecutive years. For every three robots sold in the world, one is sold to China. Rooted in the soil of China as a big manufacturing country and growing in the huge space for the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial manufacturing industry to intelligentization, the prosperity of the robot industry will continue to be high for a long time in the future and will develop into a trillion-level market.


Visit the Lexunda robot training base

However, at present, my country's industrial robots are still mainly imported from foreign brands. The biggest reason is still related technical problems. Domestic robots have been unable to break through and realize large-scale production of modulus. For domestic robot companies, focusing on the research and development of robot application integration systems and breaking through the technical constraints of foreign manufacturers is the key to occupying a larger market share.


Group photo of signing representatives

In the view of Huo Jintian, general manager of Rexunda Robotics, in the trillion-level market cake, the market share of system integration is larger, twice that of body manufacturing. However, due to the particularity of system integration, such as non-standardization, inability to replicate in batches, and insufficient talent support, most integrators are small in scale and have low annual output value. In order to remain invincible in the market competition.


Ren Yutong, executive director of the Guangdong Robotics Association, also believes that the future development direction of the robot industry is integration: "Between integrators and body manufacturers, between integrators and integrators, and even with governments, universities, associations and other platforms, through resources Only by sharing, complementing each other's advantages, and avoiding weaknesses, can we break through the bottleneck of scale in the future development and become a solution provider with certain voice and bargaining power."


Partners sign a tripartite agreement

At the summit site, STEP Robot, Rexunda Robot and their partners conducted a special "golden egg hatching" ceremony: the three parties put the golden egg symbolizing the dream of wealth into the bird's nest as an "incubator", and the golden egg hatched on the big screen The emergence of a golden phoenix symbolizes that the three-party cooperation can breed unlimited business opportunities and wealth dreams, and it also symbolizes that the all-round integration of the three parties can soar into the sky in the market competition.


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