Robot processing of automotive parts
Robot processing of automotive parts

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Detailed introduction

Stop washer working island

The production of stop washers is an automotive part used in high end cars. The entire production process is automated and the work island is composed of a new Systech 1400 robot with presses and lathes.


Process requirements

Requirement of 5-10 silk (0.05-0.1mm) precision for workpiece and equipment fit.
In the three processes of shaping, edge cutting and fine extrusion, for the outer octagon of the workpiece to fit with the inner octagon of the die, with a precision of less than 5 silk on one side.
The whole process is required to be completed within 50 seconds.


Processing flow

Station 1: The robot takes material from the silo, and then extrudes, shapes, cuts the edges and finely extrudes the workpiece in turn, and then puts it into the transit station for robot No. 2 to take the material.
Station No. 2: The robot takes material from the transit station and goes to lathe 1 and lathe 2 for outer circle and end face processing respectively, and then puts the finished workpiece into the silo after discharging.


Workstation No.1

Workstation No.1

Workstation No. 2

Stop washers

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