Terminal equipment automation transformation program
Terminal equipment automation transformation program

Applications:Lifting industry

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Terminal equipment automation transformation - eight rope control system

"Dock Revolution" for efficient logistics

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.Shanghai Hudong Container Terminal Co.

.Zhenhua Heavy Industry



At present, the domestic container industry, traditional terminals still account for the majority, in order to improve the level of automation application of traditional container terminals, Hudong company together with Shanghai Regent Heavy Industry, new time together to try to apply the latest tire crane lifting mechanism control technology one one eight rope single-action control technology to solve this problem, enhance the degree of automation of tire crane remote operating system.

Program Features

The system uses a high performance motion controller with a real time high speed bus (transmission rate: 100Mbps, synchronous jitter <1us) to connect with the eight new SITA inter-suits. Torque control is introduced at the he suit end: to ensure that the torque borne by the eight ropes of the spreader is consistent. Extends the service life of the rigging ropes. Realization of spreader translation and rotation Realization of automatic maintenance and release box technology