Concentrate on fighting the epidemic and ensuring production, STEP "rebels" interpret their mission with actions

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Concentrate on fighting the epidemic and ensuring production, STEP "rebels" interpret their mission with actions

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On March 25, 2022, Xinhua News Agency reported that STEP and other Shanghai-based enterprises "grasp both hands in epidemic prevention and production". The above is an excerpt from the video in the report.


Since mid-March, in the face of the sudden and severe epidemic, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places have continued to increase the prevention and control measures, striving to achieve zero social impact. The heart's desire, the mission must be achieved, a race against time, and the fight against the epidemic has begun in STEP.


Under the guidance of party committees and government leaders at all levels, STEP makes overall arrangements and scientific dispatches, focuses on epidemic prevention and control, stabilizes production and guarantees delivery, and goes all out to complete customer order needs, and all services are uninterrupted and unstoppable files.


Leadership care


Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, Nanxiang Town Party Committee, government and other leaders went to STEP in person as soon as possible to guide the epidemic prevention and control work and give the greatest support in resource allocation and other aspects.



If there is a "war", 100% recall


In order to overcome the impact of the epidemic, STEP adheres to the corporate core values ​​of "customer-oriented, striving first", strives to get off to a good start in the first quarter, strives to achieve production and efficiency, and ensure timely and high-quality delivery to customers. Wu Yuhui, general manager of STEP, and Li Guofan, deputy general manager of the Anti-epidemic Headquarters, came to the front line in person. The company's administrative department made preparations in advance. Before March 11, three sets of prevention and control plans were prepared, and a large amount of food and beverages were reserved to ensure the safety of production and employees. Protective materials, and arrange emergency personnel on duty at the same time. From March 13th to 18th, the front-line personnel stationed in the factory were arranged to live in the company to seize production. At the same time, under the premise of prioritizing the implementation of epidemic prevention measures, the company also urgently recalled some employees to achieve 100% voluntary return to work. Under the careful organization and careful arrangement of the company's epidemic prevention and control headquarters, Chen Long from the administrative department and Wang Hao from the trade union led the administrative department to quickly equip the returning employees with bedding and other daily necessities, formulate a meal plan, and provide everyone with the necessary logistical support. .




The administrative department distributes bedding and other daily necessities to the employees stationed in the factory



2,000 copies of vegetable love packages from the company's labor union to solve the "urgent needs" of employees



The employees recalled overnight walked into the company's office building



Even if we "play the ground floor", everyone is dedicated to production


Fight the epidemic, rush production, guarantee delivery


At present , all subsidiaries under STEP are operating in an orderly manner, and all workshops are operating normally and are running at full capacity to stabilize orders and ensure production.











Everyone is a line of defense


Epidemic prevention and control is an overall and protracted battle in which "everyone is the line of defense". Only by actively cooperating with nucleic acid testing and other epidemic prevention requirements can we prevent wars. In recent days, with the support of the government's epidemic prevention department, leaders at all levels have taken the lead, and with an efficient and pragmatic style, they have organized nucleic acid testing for employees in the company's unified organization, built a solid line of defense against the epidemic, and strengthened everyone's confidence in overcoming the epidemic and resuming production .



Regular killings are implemented in the company to ensure the health and safety of employees



The Administration Department makes every effort to ensure the operation of the company's shuttle bus


Going against the trend without hesitation

Fight the epidemic, rush production, guarantee delivery

This is the "retrograde" of STEP

Interpreted with action

Loving and dedicated to work, caring about the feelings of home and country

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