STEP Singliner Servo Helps the Development of Printing Machinery Industry

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-31 00:00

STEP Singliner Servo Helps the Development of Printing Machinery Industry

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-31 00:00

  "The STEP Singliner servo system has played an obvious role in solving the stability of our products, reducing our large after-sales costs, and allowing our products to gain more praise from the market and users."


  According to Wang Daoping, sales director of Nantong Xuhao Digital Technology Co., Ltd., STEP is a very trustworthy partner, which has provided great help for the optimization of the performance of Xuhao digital products.


  In fact, with the mission of "pursuing the sustainable development and technological leadership of digital printing technology", Xuhao Digital has been committed to technological innovation and sustainable development since its establishment in 1996. With high-quality digital printers and supporting equipment, consumables , Ink and other products are highly praised in the industry. In recent years, with the development of the market and technology, customer demands have also been increasing, posing more challenges to Xuhao Digital. In order to meet the ever-changing needs of customers and markets, Nantong Digital actively adjusts its development strategy and continues to improve product performance.




  "Compared with previous products, the STEP Singliner servo system has great advantages. Taking the STEP Singliner Ω6 linear drive as an example, it not only has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, large thrust, and high responsiveness, but also realizes self-adaptive diagnosis And the commissioning is simple, and Sigliner's team can provide us with timely and efficient technical services, saving a lot of time for equipment commissioning, installation, after-sales and other links."


  Huang Lei, a technical engineer of Nantong Xuhao Digital Technology Co., Ltd., has an intuitive feeling for the advantages of STEP Singliner Ω6 linear drive.



  Xuhao Digital's UV flatbed printer adopts the STEP Singliner servo + linear motor solution, with higher speed, precision and stability, so that users can feel the advanced quality and production capacity of the digital printing industry.


  4 major advantages and functions of Singlina servo:

  (1) Gain switching function: effectively solve the problem of different forces on the printer's reciprocating motion;

  (2) Quadrant protrusion suppression function: make up for the gap problem during mechanical reversing;

  (3) Friction compensation function: to deal with inconsistent mechanical static friction or internal stress;

  (4) Vibration suppression function: solve the resonance risk caused by high response.



  "These product characteristics just fit our needs, so after a period of testing and running-in, we confirmed the cooperative relationship with STEP, and STEP's comprehensive technical support and services later strengthened the cooperation between the two companies." Wang Daoping Said, "In the future, we will strengthen communication with STEP, enhance the value of cooperation, strengthen the content of cooperation, and create a bright future of mutual benefit and win-win."

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