The new "cabinet" family of villa ladders, STEP B8000 series control cabinets are coming

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-15 00:00

The new "cabinet" family of villa ladders, STEP B8000 series control cabinets are coming

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-15 00:00

Holding a villa in your hand is a "winner in life"?

Today, when villas are becoming more and more "civilians"

Does the villa have an elevator?

What kind of elevator is equipped with

This is the criterion for judging the real "winner"


The installation of villa elevators is not only for the convenience of moving up and down, but also hopes to bring a safe, comfortable and intelligent experience.


STEP elevator control products, which have been in the market for more than 20 years , have already created a great reputation in the industry, and are now leading new changes in the villa elevator market through technological innovation.


STEP launched  the B8000 series of new-generation integrated intelligent control cabinets for home elevators . It adopts a new modular and highly integrated design, and has the characteristics of home-like appearance and small size. It uses  STO technology to realize the ultra-quiet operation of the control cabinet , allowing you to have quiet and comfortable It is the best choice for the home elevator control system to provide the best elevator experience, taking into account multiple rescue modes, and escorting the safety of the elevator.



Product performance and advantages:


01  High appearance, high integration


  • Home-like appearance, exquisite shape, deep integration, small size
  • Standard ARD and electric brake release function to ensure timely rescue in case of trapped people
  • Meet the customized color scheme of the cabinet panel, in line with the home decoration design



02 Quiet and comfortable


  • Advanced drive and control technologies promote energy saving
  • STO (Safe Torque Off) technology application, no running contactor, to achieve ultra-quiet operation
  • The running volume is low, the running curve is smooth, and the ride experience is smooth


03 Safe and worry-free


  • It also has various safety protection functions such as automatic fault rescue, power failure emergency rescue, electric brake release, one-key dialing, etc.
  • Configure the elevator cloud system to monitor the safety and health of the elevator life cycle



04 Intelligent


  • The brand-new touch screen human-machine interface realizes humanized functions such as weather reminder, information release, one-key emergency call, voice and image comfort, maintenance information push, intelligent rescue, etc.
  • Satisfy customers' intelligent experience



05 Absolute positioning


  • Flexible and easy installation thanks to the absolute positioning system LAMIX home, ready-to-use absolute position, wear-free, contact-free and noise-free measuring principle


06 Access control linkage function


  • Realize the connection between the elevator system and the access control system. When the elevator is trapped, the access control will be released automatically, which is convenient for rescuers to enter the room for rescue.


07 Elevator cloud value-added function


  • Combined with the elevator cloud platform, the IP call function can be realized
  • Mobile phone call elevator, WeChat applet push function for elevator fault information
  • Enable each role to obtain fault information in a timely manner, changing the traditional business model of manual alarms by elevator passengers or users


08 Man-machine supporting products for home design




List of STEP B8000 series control cabinet parameters:



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