STEP Intelligent Manufacturing Stands Out | Attending the Senior Industrial Summit Series Report

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-17 00:00

STEP Intelligent Manufacturing Stands Out | Attending the Senior Industrial Summit Series Report

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-17 00:00

After years of intensive cultivation, STEP has gradually shown a profound "technical flow" style in the lithium battery industry, quickly switched from "rhythm running" to "acceleration running", and stood out in the high-growth lithium battery smart manufacturing market. Where does the confidence come from? Wang Gangzhi, vice president of STEP , revealed the answer to the question at the forum of the 2022 Gaogong Lithium Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Summit.



On the afternoon of June 16, 2022, at Changzhou Jintan Maoshan International Conference Center, Wang Gangzhi, vice president of STEP, delivered a keynote speech entitled " High Efficiency and Intelligent Manufacturing, Powering the TWh Era" , and introduced STEP to more than 500 industry partners attending the meeting In the core technology and product line layout of the lithium battery industry, he shared practical experience and customer cases.


With the rapid growth of both new energy vehicles and energy storage markets, the demand for power batteries has increased significantly, and the TWh era will usher in. In this context, leading lithium battery companies have driven the surge in production expansion in the entire industry. In order to mass produce high-efficiency and high-quality batteries, intelligent manufacturing is increasingly favored by the market.



As the world's leading intelligent manufacturing overall solution service provider, STEP aims at the production links of power battery processing, such as "sheet production engineering, core manufacturing engineering, chemical composition, module assembly, PACK line" , as well as the downstream body-in-white welding line. A set of smart manufacturing solutions for the entire industry chain.

Vice President Wang Gangzhi said that STEP integrated motion control, robotics, and intelligent manufacturing, and jointly launched a smart manufacturing solution for the entire lithium battery industry chain. It has made great progress in the lithium battery and new energy vehicle industries, and its long-term accumulation is constantly creating value for customers. :


· SC series PAC supports MES access, and its self-developed tension algorithm has been applied in the lithium battery industry;


· The Ω6 series servo drive has functions such as high-speed probes, and is a new generation of products that "matches imports and surpasses imports";


· STEP robot products have a load of 3kg-600kg , a total of 45 models, which have been widely recognized in terms of localization rate, technical level and market verification.



It is worth mentioning that in the absence of foreign brand robots this year, the delivery time of STEPSCARA and six-axis robots has remained stable at 30 days, helping the lithium battery industry to achieve production capacity. Vice President Wang Gangzhi introduced the reasons for the rapid delivery of STEP. The STEP robot super factory located in Shanghai is one of the first batch of 20 smart factories in Shanghai. In 2021 , it won the title of "National Smart Manufacturing Demonstration Factory" awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology . Technical support, production capacity control, quality control, etc., are worthy of customer trust. The factory has been running and mature since it was put into operation in 2020. Together with the factory in Shenzhen, the production capacity of 20,000 units per year is ready. At the same time, STEP's scattered layout in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Kunshan and other places is convenient for coping with the uncertainty of the domestic epidemic situation and maintaining a good delivery capacity. Facing the global chip shortage, while STEP is increasing its inventory, it is also actively promoting the localization of chips.

Vice President Wang Gangzhi emphasized that the STEP service guarantee system is complete, providing 7*24 consultation, zero-stop spare parts, training, on-site operation and maintenance, upgrade services, full-cycle maintenance and other services to help lithium battery companies cope with the rapid expansion of production capacity. Tricky question.

Vice President Wang Gangzhi shared the application of STEP robots in scenarios such as visual grasping and loading of energy storage battery cells, high-speed and high-precision stacking machines, and focused on STEP Xiaoao's 30-year experience in body-in-white system integration . "We have cooperated with Geely, BYD, Great Wall, Human Horizons and other car companies for many years, and delivered a number of body-in-white welding production lines. Nowadays, the integration of lithium batteries and body parts has become a trend, and STEP Xiao'ao is willing to use its years of technology in body-in-white and chassis Precipitate, grow together with new energy vehicle companies, and achieve zero technical risk delivery."

Note: The full name of TWh is TeraWatt Hour(s), which means: 100 million kilowatt-hours.

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