CNC9810 six-axis CNC milling machine control system
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CNC9810 six-axis CNC milling machine control system

CNC9810 CNC milling machine control system is a high-performance milling machine control system newly developed by Zhongweixing. It can be configured with stepper and servo drives according to different user needs.
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Product Description

CNC9810 CNC milling machine control system is a high-performance milling machine control system newly developed by Zhongweixing. It can be configured with stepper and servo drives according to different user needs.



1. Dual CPUs operate synchronously and efficiently. One CPU is responsible for the program operation of the man-machine operator at the system application level and the CNC system function, and the other CPU is responsible for the motion control algorithm, high-speed and high-precision preprocessing speed forward-looking algorithm, and the system runs smoothly and efficiently. .

2. The products are divided into two series, the bus version and the pulse version. The bus version supports the EtherCat bus, and can also be used in combination with the bus and pulse (up to 6 axes for the pulse axis). The frequency can reach 4M.

4. Using the latest operation and control algorithm, two different NC programs can be processed at the same time, and the real dual-pass work doubles the efficiency.

5. Compatible old products can directly replace the standard old system products shipped before.

6. Integrate some functions of IEC_PLC, and can use simple PLC ladder diagram ST language to design simple action process procedures to meet customer application requirements.

7. Support B material macro command, you can customize M code function through macro command.

8. Support the auxiliary channel function, which can be configured to run concurrently with the user's processing program to improve work efficiency.

9. Support Modebus RTU protocol, RS485 bus communication, with communication macro instructions, and master-slave unit networking. It is also possible to read the data of an external slave or the position of a servo encoder with a 485 bus driver.


Industry application:

1: Hardware milling processing, such as die-casting pen puncture removal, chamfering, drilling, tapping

2: Polishing: polishing the middle frame and back cover of the mobile phone.

3: Tool grinder

4: CNC woodworking machine tools


Micron level interpolation accuracy;

Stepping and servo drives can be configured according to different user needs to achieve high cost performance;

Various communication methods such as USB, U disk, RS232COM communication, etc., can easily help users achieve different data transmission requirements and software upgrades;

With network interface, it supports remote monitoring and DNC file transmission and processing;

Open platform, tailor-made special plane system according to customer needs;

Perfect self-diagnosis function, real-time display of internal and external status, and immediate alarm in case of abnormality;

Support external additional panel and hand-held box operation, which is convenient for customers to set the knife;

Macro variables, macro definition programming, to achieve a variety of logical relationships. Support macro program call with parameters to make programming more convenient for users;

DXF+G code template function, automatically convert DXF to G code for processing;

It has various tool setting methods such as automatic centering and tool setting instrument;

Teaching function: teaching + simplified instruction programming, using table format teaching method, the teaching method is simple and intuitive;

Graphical simulation function: display the graphics of the processing program and the tool movement track during actual operation, and check whether the compiled processing program is correct;

Multi-interface selection: support multi-language interface display, automatic fault alarm prompt. Rich processing information display, processing time, number of pieces;

Parameter tabulation: input and output address numbers can be set arbitrarily, only need to fill in the corresponding value in the address column of the configuration table

Built-in graphic CAM programming, common processes adopt visual graphic interaction, easy to use.

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