With robot technology as the core, STEP leads the field of tire laser lettering to rejuvenate

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-02 00:00

With robot technology as the core, STEP leads the field of tire laser lettering to rejuvenate

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  • Time of issue:2022-12-02 00:00

With the development of the times, the rubber tire industry has higher and higher requirements for tire quality and function, and the use of advanced manufacturing technology has paid more and more attention to cost control and green production in the tire manufacturing process. Relying on the advantages of the core technology of the robot and the accumulation of R&D innovation, STEP, with the strategy of "robot machine + process", together with its partner Shanghai Gude, quickly responds to the new needs of the rubber tire industry for handling, loading and unloading, laser lettering and other applications, and provides from the robot From standard equipment to standard equipment, a complete set of manufacturing solutions from application software to customized function development, bringing value to tire manufacturers and users.


In terms of rubber tire laser engraving, the STEP robot R&D team has launched a new and upgraded tire laser engraving intelligent solution after continuous cross-border research on laser engraving technology, which has been successfully applied in leading enterprises in industries such as Zhongce Rubber and Sailun Tire. , and achieve batch delivery.



This solution subverts the traditional production process. The workstation is composed of STEP six-axis robot, 3D laser vision system, laser engraving system, mecanum wheel universal centering mechanism, etc. It adopts a new process and replaces the pre-embedded cycle plates and steel plates in traditional production. The production process of small ticket and vulcanized hollow barcode can realize the automatic engraving of the designated position of the tire. It has the characteristics of fast production rhythm, clear and beautiful lettering, smooth and no glue edge, which improves the utilization rate of the vulcanizing machine and the appearance of the product. grade.



STEP rubber tire laser engraving intelligent solution


After five generations of program changes, STEP now pays more attention to the details and pain points in rubber tire laser engraving.


√ Quick installation, seamless connection

Based on the form of a workstation, the solution is ready to use out of the box. Customers can complete flexible deployment in a small space of 2 meters without stopping for several hours, and complete installation, commissioning, and connection with the MES system within 10 days.


√ New AI algorithm, precise calibration

Aiming at the industry-specific properties of tire rubber, the new real-time 3D vision AI algorithm can perform real-time AI data comparison through 3D digital models, real-time scanning and position calibration of tires, and avoid production line logistics blockage due to thermal expansion and contraction of tires , Tire deformation caused by tire stacking and blockage. At the same time, thermal imaging technology is added to avoid the interference of hot steam on 3D vision in a specific environment.


√ Automatic compensation, finely crafted

With more applications for customized needs of customers, automatic compensation technology is added to ensure precise control of engraving depth, precision and position. The human-machine interface is more optimized, and it truly achieves "where the mouse points, where it is engraved." At the same time, the repeat positioning accuracy reaches ±0.2mm, and the accuracy of laser engraving laser can reach within 1 wire (0.01mm). check function. For semi-steel and all-steel tires, while automatically compensating the tire camber, it does not affect tire safety and tire pressure tests.


√ Digital production, enabling intelligent manufacturing

It can automatically interact with the production MES system, display production data in real time, optimize the configuration of the process flow, thereby improving the production quality of the enterprise and improving the production efficiency of the enterprise.


√ Green production, energy saving and emission reduction

Monitor and capture the dust layer and microplastic particle pollution generated by tire engraving to help customers meet higher environmental protection requirements.


In terms of value-added services, STEP is user-centered and meticulous. It can flexibly realize DIY personalized customization, such as engraving QR codes to prevent cross-selling, customizing small batches, and personalized LOGO. For example, in order to improve the appearance of tire lettering, STEP provides users with new fonts that break through the reverse molding process, and engrave "Yang characters" with obvious convexity. Compared with vulcanized characters, they are clearer, more beautiful and have radians. In addition, for QR code engraving, STEP helps users establish a new sales model, and all key information can be traced by scanning the code.



Next, STEP robots will do more in-depth work on the single-machine automation of rubber tire production and the intelligentization and digitization of production lines and factories, so as to reduce labor costs by replacing people with machines, improve production efficiency and product quality, and help the tire industry Intelligent development.

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