Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy
Employees are the most valuable resource of STEP and the basic guarantee to achieve the company's goals. Therefore, our management is convinced that we should provide a good organizational structure and working environment for our employees.
Culture and Innovation
STEP regards innovation as its inexhaustible momentum of development and the source of core competitiveness. We encourage our staff to carry forward the spirit of independent innovation, conscientiously improve the unreasonable problems in any link, and jointly create a cooperative and upward, harmonious and orderly corporate culture.
Emphasis on talent development
The company firmly establishes the idea of "human resource is the first resource", and creates a good situation that people can make the best use of their talents. We attach importance to training and learning, create a good learning atmosphere from top to bottom, and create a learning enterprise where "everyone learns, can learn at all times, and can learn everywhere".
Stimulating the personal potential of employees
By providing employees with appropriate work arrangements and a clear development orientation, their potential can be highly developed in cooperation with their supervisors, managers and the company as a whole.
Provide equal opportunities
Good performers should be reasonably rewarded by the company. Employee performance should be evaluated in a prudent manner and according to established standards, and appropriate praise, recognition and rewards should be given.