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Ask Please tell us if the sale of Guangdong Zhongweixing for 490 million is completed? What is the profit? Will it be included in the 2022 annual report of Sinostar? How much will it increase the net profit at the end of the year?

Answer  Hello, the company held the second extraordinary general meeting of 2022 on November 25, 2022 to consider and adopt the "proposal on the transfer of shares of the controlling subsidiary only", the company will follow up according to the work progress timely phi weak progress information. Thank you! (From: Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Ease)



Ask  Hello, Secretary Huang, has the Shenzhen Zhongweixing Songshan Lake project already started producing robots? Are there any new sales orders for the newly expanded robot production capacity? Is there any possibility that the sales are low and there is no sales for the overcapacity?

Answer  Hello, please refer to the company's announcement disclosed in the designated disclosure media Juchao Information Network. Thank you! (From: SZSE Interactive Ease)



Ask  Dear Secretary Miao, does your company have any layout in the field of assembly building and construction robotics? Thank you.

Answer Hello, the company's industrial robots are mainly used in 3C, carp electricity, photovoltaic, electric power, packaging, rubber tires, engineering machinery, food and medicine, metal processing and other industries. Thank you! (From: Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Ease)