New Journey, New Departure∣Record of STEP's First Gobi Expedition Selection Competition

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New Journey, New Departure∣Record of STEP's First Gobi Expedition Selection Competition

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Because I believe, I see


On May 15th, Shanghai, Jiading Huancheng River Trail, at 10:40 in the morning, the sun was shining brightly, the temperature was 34 ℃, and the misty and rainy Jiangnan just after the beginning of summer was steaming.


A 73-person, 30-kilometer walking competition is in full swing—after more than 3 hours of chasing each other, I saw these players with red faces and brisk steps, approaching the finish line quickly...

On the other side, the red finish line is particularly eye-catching. Several gun barrel-like lenses and a bunch of blooming flowers are waiting for the first lucky person to cross the line...

This is a selection contest for an expedition to the Gobi Desert in Dunhuang. The contestants are a group of high-tech enterprise management teams mainly born in the 70s and 80s. Most of them belong to desk workers and do not usually exercise much. I was able to complete the race today, showing the results of the past three months of training. The champion team members of this competition scored 3 hours and 47 minutes on foot for 30 kilometers, and they can be called athletes.

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This company is STEP (STEP), a leading robot company in China, a leading company in intelligent manufacturing in China, and a leading brand in global elevator control systems.


Ji Yi, the chairman of STEP, participated in the selection competition all the way. After reaching the finish line, she said excitedly: Two years ago, I started to make the employees move, and this year's trip to Gobi finally took place. After 3 months of training, the changes in the team are really shocking. Before I came today, I estimated everyone in my heart. There were many of them that I thought they would not reach the finish line, but they all completed the schedule in the end. They moved me. We have worked together to complete this Gobi selection activity, and there will be even more difficult Gobi expeditions waiting for us in June. Our goal is to forge a dream team that "has ideals, dares to fight, is tough enough, and can surpass". "Because you believe, you see." Today, the performance of the team members makes us more convinced that STEP has a promising future!



Bao Jianfeng comes out of sharpening


Since the start of the selection plan on February 8, starting from 10,000 steps per day, to at least 3 times a week for 6 kilometers each time, to at least 3 times a week for 8 kilometers each time, the degree of difficulty has gradually increased, so that all participating STEP people Completed his own breakthrough, experienced tests during the period, and there are many best.

It is a sport with the highest participation rate. From chairman, general manager, business department general manager to BU head and department director, from research and development, manufacturing to management, sales, from the mature and prudent post-60s to the energetic post-70s and post-80s who are in their prime, STEP can be said to send the elite to the field, go all out, change the status quo, and achieve a breakthrough, ready to come out. The group team with the oldest average age, under the leadership of the team leader, Mr. Li, insists on exercising, and the average person reaches the standard 4 times a week; Each team member has a cumulative mileage of more than 600 kilometers; after entering the 8-kilometer run in April, in a total of 5 weeks, 40 team members insisted on full attendance; in 3 months, the entire running team covered 26,000 kilometers, which is equivalent to around The equator ran most of the circle, more than 98% of the sports groups. STEP created the "Batulu" award for Ge Xing to honor these 7 consecutive runners. The coach responsible for the Trailwalking Power who undertook this STEP Gexing said, we have brought hundreds of teams to participate in the Gexing. I admire your training intensity. I have never seen such a vigorous team before. We open the Gudong software every day, Everyone exclaimed when they saw the results of the STEP team. Speaking responsibly, your training situation has gone to the desert, and there is no problem at all in terms of physical fitness.

Relax and organize activities 1.jpg

This is an event with the widest coverage area. From Shanghai headquarters to multiple bases in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Kunshan, from offices to parks, green spaces near home, and even business trip locations, different place names flash in the Gudong group every day, and STEP elites will imprint their footsteps on the land of the motherland.

This is an event with the longest span of time. Almost every working day, there are STEP employees sweating profusely and running all the way from dawn to before going to work, and from after get off work to 12 midnight. On weekends, even 24 hours a day, almost everyone is running and clocking in. The frequency converter team, which ranks first in training performance, is neither arrogant nor impetuous. It used the weekend to organize a 20-kilometer training in Mogan Mountain, climbing mountains and ridges, and preparing for Ge Xing. Kilometer training, turning Labor Day into a sports day. Finance Manager Li often thinks that at a young age, everything should be done with all his might. STEP people not only said so, but also wrote a song of praise for the strugglers with firm steps.

Bao Jianfeng comes out of sharpening. During the event, STEP people gained a lot. Many colleagues said that since graduating from university, they have not carried out systematic training with such a large amount of exercise, and their physical fitness has been significantly improved. At the same time, work efficiency has also been significantly improved. The work that used to take a long time to complete has been significantly reduced. , When I need to work overtime, I have more energy. The sport has been welcomed by the family, with parents offering to help with housework, and examples of wives and children joining sports teams. A member of the frequency conversion team has always been relatively fat. After several months of exercise, the indicators of the physical examination have improved significantly. His wife sent a pennant to express gratitude to the company for this. This campaign has also been praised by customers. Every time we mention that the company is organizing employee sports in the customer reception, the customers look at us brightly, including admiration, expectation, and admiration.

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Step by step, one heart and one road

Worldwide, the competition in the high-tech field is intensifying, and its core is the competition for talents. Enterprises should not only consider how to introduce and retain talents, but also how to improve the health and mental outlook of talents. This is a difficult problem for decision makers.

STEP, which has been on the market for 11 years, has a strategic goal of becoming an international famous brand in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Now it is challenging the international first-line brands, and there is a long way to go. Facing the new journey, STEP people put forward the slogan of "jumping out of the comfort zone and embracing a new future", and explained their deep understanding of ideals and beliefs with the actual actions of the Gobi trip.


Looking forward to the upcoming 48-hour Gobi trip in June, with a journey of 58 kilometers, they will fly from Jiangnan in Xinghuachunyu to the vast Gobi desert. Kumbum Monastery and the ruins of the Great Tomb Zimuque; they will endure the test of the sky full of sand and the north wind, but they will definitely see the vast and clear starry sky.


Although the road is difficult, as long as you pay attention, there are scenery everywhere, especially the scenery that you walk out with your own feet, which will be especially beautiful, making you feel that the hardship and sweat are worth it. Although it hurts for two days, lame for a month, and dark for a year, it can be remembered for a lifetime.


Let us look forward to the triumphant return of STEP elites from the Gobi.


Swipe left and right to view the style of the 6 teams

Industry elites, including STEP people, step by step, work together, unite and assist, and work hard to promote the development of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industries. We have reason to believe that China's dream of becoming a manufacturing power will come true in the near future. become a reality in the future.

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