The unveiling ceremony of the STEP school was grandly held

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The unveiling ceremony of the STEP school was grandly held

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  On July 11, the unveiling ceremony of STEP School was grandly held in the lecture hall of STEP Siyi Road Base. Professor Wang Qilong, Executive Vice President of Shandong University, Professor Xu Dianguo of Harbin Institute of Technology, Dean of the School of Computer Science of Shandong University, Professor Cheng Xiuzhen of IEEE FELLOW, Dr. Xiao Weirong, President of B&R Greater China, and other celebrities in the academic and business circles, and STEP directors and presidents Together with the manager Wu Yuhui, he pushed the start lever and unveiled the plaque of the STEP school, which marked the official start of the STEP school.



  Gidefa, the founder of STEP and the chairman of the school, delivered a speech



  The founder of STEP, Gidefa, attaches great importance to the construction of corporate talents and serves as the first chairman of the STEP Institute. In his passionate speech, he pointed out that in the face of the fast-growing intelligent manufacturing market and the market competition with strong competitors, STEP needs to pay more attention to the cultivation of talent teams. STEP aims to become an internationally renowned brand in the field of intelligent manufacturing and become a global First-class enterprises urgently need to integrate internal and external resources, create a continuous improvement training system, build an endogenous source of growth for the enterprise, and cultivate leading talents in the field of science and technology and world-class employees.


  Gidefa said that the establishment of a STEP school is the long-cherished wish of STEP people. Since being appraised as the National Enterprise Technology Center in 2015, STEP has promoted the construction of the Central Research Institute and national laboratories, creating necessary conditions for the technological progress of enterprises. Now STEP has been established to cultivate intelligent manufacturing, digital technology, manufacturing technology, etc. Professional leading talents, continuous large-scale, long-term overweight technology research and development. At the same time, the STEP Institute will also create business management professionals to enhance corporate leadership. The STEP Institute will cooperate with well-known universities to form a STEP academic alliance to build a comprehensive STEP talent system from the aspects of talent selection, employment, education, and retention.


  Wu Yuhui, general manager of STEP, gave a speech



  Wu Yuhui said that the STEP corporate school will design core courses around the strategic goals of the enterprise, and extend the training to key members of the value chain for technology research and development, management cadres, front-line employees, suppliers and users, so as to promote industrial progress and relationship viscosity.


  Professor Wang Qilong, Executive Vice President of Shandong University, delivered a speech



  Wang Qilong said that STEP's concept of talent is strategy coincides with the fundamental mission of colleges and universities to build morality and cultivate people. Recognizing, loving, nurturing, and using talents, STEP schools realize the opening up and integration of resources from all parties, innovate the talent training model, broaden the talent training path, stimulate the endogenous power of the enterprise, and truly play the role of the main body of the employer in talent training, attracting and The leading role in use helps talents achieve all-round ability improvement and adapt to the rapidly developing innovation environment. Shandong University is willing to explore development paths together with STEP institutions, realize the intercommunication and sharing of university resources and enterprise resources, create diversified talent training projects, conduct comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation in the integration of production and education, technology research, and social practice, and gather strength , Empowering industrial development.


  The first class of STEP school begins



  Professor Cheng Xiuzhen, Dean of the School of Computer Science of Shandong University and IEEE FELLOW, held the first class of the STEP school, and taught the cutting-edge research results of blockchain technology to more than 200 people including STEP management cadres and researchers from the Central Research Institute.


  Group photo of guests

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