Smart elevators, work together to build, STEP elevator cloud G-CLOUD 2023 upgrade!

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-03 10:10

Smart elevators, work together to build, STEP elevator cloud G-CLOUD 2023 upgrade!

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-03 10:10

       As an end-to-end solution that focuses on the entire life cycle of elevators, Elevator Cloud was developed after six years of research and development by STEP's top technical team. It uses advanced blockchain cloud platform technology to provide customers with accessories certification, elevator operation characteristic diagnosis, and elevator monitoring wall. and other functions to ensure elevator key data sharing and data security that cannot be tampered with.


  Once launched, Elevator Cloud has been hailed as the protector of the safety and efficiency of the elevator market, linking multiple roles in the elevator ecological chain, such as components and overall production, maintenance, property management, passengers, and supervision. For the establishment of an industry ecosystem, It has epoch-making significance.




  In recent years, the elevator Internet of Things, smart elevators, and smart supervision have become the consensus of the government, enterprises, and users. STEP has powerful elevator core data collection capabilities, and has a main control system and door machine system. It is time to launch a new generation of elevator cloud G-CLOUD?.


  The new generation of elevator cloud G-CLOUD? takes user needs as the evolution direction, closely follows the key points of the pilot work of elevator smart supervision by the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and gathers STEP's achievements in electrical operation data, car mechanical vibration data, door machine data, audio and video in recent years. The technical crystallization of big data collection and analysis of data also shows ingenuity in functional design and family product improvement, and has achieved all-round performance improvement, interpreting high-value product experience with strength.


  Highlights of Elevator Cloud


  Cloud regulation is imperative


  At present, there are more than 9 million elevators in use in China. In order to strengthen the intelligent supervision of elevators, national and local market supervision departments have issued technical specifications for elevator Internet of Things terminal equipment and platforms, and encouraged all regions to explore the pilot elevator life cycle "insurance+ Service" new model, promoting the transformation from reducing the accident rate to reducing the failure rate.


  Elevator cloud G-CLOUD? has successfully completed precise docking with 16 local government platforms (provinces or cities). While providing support for customer elevator acceptance, it has also become a powerful helper for elevator safety supervision.


  □ Vibration data uploaded to the cloud to facilitate fault prediction in the whole life cycle


  The vibration data of EOCD (elevator operating characteristics diagnostic device) is uploaded to the cloud, and the mechanical performance is directly reflected through cloud computing. Cooperating with the electrical operation data and door machine data, the post-event warning is transformed into a pre-warning, and the whole life cycle fault prediction is realized.




  □ Real-time transmission of electronic control data to grasp the status of the elevator


  Elevator Cloud users can grasp the running status of the elevator in real time through the dual-mode mode of the web page or APP. When the elevator fails, the alarm rings, the vibration exceeds the standard, etc., the relevant alarm information can be pushed to the user account.





  □ LAN solution meets local real-time monitoring


  For scenarios that require local area network monitoring, STEP Elevator Cloud can provide a complete set of LAN solutions. The ESDT Ethernet terminal can be integrated into the local security wired network and a local monitoring server can be deployed in the central control room to realize local monitoring of elevator data.




Cloud service, efficient and accurate


  □ Big data collection and analysis to meet on-demand maintenance


  The ESDT series terminals in the machine room are equipped with integrated EOCD and door machine controllers, which can collect and analyze big data, thereby providing services such as electrical fault alarms, car mechanical vibration exceeding alarms, audio and video interaction, etc., and service customers to get on-demand maintenance qualifications.




  □ Door machine data uploaded to the cloud to solve the chimney effect


  The STEP door operator system is connected to the cloud, which can provide data related to national standards, landmarks and doors, as well as value-added data related to door systems, effectively monitor more than 70% of door system failures and issue alarms at the first time. The cloud access of the door operator system and the main control system can effectively solve the chimney effect.


  □ Remote shared debugging improves efficiency


  The Elevator Cloud APP can provide remote shared debugging services, greatly reducing after-sales service costs for customers and improving debugging efficiency.




  □ Accessory Encryption Authentication Scientific Control Accessory


  The elevator cloud accessories certification adopts military-grade blockchain encryption technology and has a digital currency security level to ensure that encrypted data will not be tampered with or intercepted during transmission. Through parts certification, customers can take the initiative in parts management and generate long-term parts income.


  Example diagram of accessory certification


Cloud guardian, easy and worry-free


  □ The automatic tracking of the emergency response process is completed


  When the elevator fails or people are trapped, the elevator cloud platform can automatically create an emergency response work order and send an alarm message and APP push information to the maintenance personnel. The emergency handling process platform can automatically track according to the change of the elevator status, until the elevator has no faults and automatically completes this process.



  □ Audio and video interactive service emergency rescue


  The ESDT terminal that supports video can be mounted with a camera, and the situation of the car personnel can be viewed through the web page or APP, which is convenient for formulating safety rescue strategies. The ESDT terminal that supports IP calls can establish communication between trapped people and rescuers, soothe trapped people, provide fast and safe emergency rescue, and can cooperate with existing analog walkie-talkies to realize the relevant technical requirements of GBT24475 remote alarm system.




  □ AI-assisted monitoring to take the elevator safely


  The video-supporting ESDT terminal can also be equipped with an AI camera to monitor and alarm the status of the battery car entering the elevator, the number of passengers, whether there are people or no one, and long-term door locks, etc., to further ensure safe elevator riding.


  □ ​Link mobile devices for smart and convenient elevator rides


  The STEP elevator cloud platform can open elevator interaction interfaces for smart mobile devices such as smartphones, service robots, and logistics robots, enabling such devices to take elevators intelligently and conveniently.




  Under the high expectations of the industry, the elevator cloud G-CLOUD? is ready to go. It will appear in the world with "more practical, smarter and safer" products and system features, and continue to build a core electronic control as the intersection point. The ecological circle helps the green cycle, energy saving and emission reduction, and uses technology to empower the reform and development of smart elevators.

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