Dr. Jin Xinhai, director and general manager of STEP, won the "Industry Innovation Person of the Year Award"

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-06 17:02

Dr. Jin Xinhai, director and general manager of STEP, won the "Industry Innovation Person of the Year Award"

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-06 17:02

On February 24, the award ceremony of the "21st China Automation and Digitalization Annual Conference Selection" was held in Suzhou. This event fully demonstrated the "power of role model" of the industrial control industry in the past year. Dr. Jin Xinhai, director and general manager of STEP , won the "Industry Leader - Annual Industry Innovation Person Award".



The selection of China Automation and Digitalization Annual Conference was initiated by gongkong®, and it is a selection with a wide audience, open process and fair results in China's industrial automation industry. This year's selection coincides with the end of the epidemic and the strengthening of the real economy. The market's demand for industrial automation continues to grow. Various factors have promoted the continuous acceleration of innovation by industry players.


Relying on the deep foundation of its core business accumulation and the advance layout of new markets, STEP has made breakthroughs, continuously improved the comprehensive competitiveness of the market, and helped the innovation and development of the automation industry. As the leader of the enterprise, Dr. Jin Xinhai, director and general manager of STEP , on the basis of fully grasping the fundamental logic and key keys of enterprise development, leads the team to draw a better new blueprint for STEP and write a more magnificent new chapter.



From drive control, discrete automation to intelligent manufacturing, STEP adheres to the "customer-centric" service concept, from software and hardware collaborative innovation to deep mining of customer needs at the application scene end, in order to provide customers with continuous leading, differentiated and customized solutions The ability to provide a complete set of system solutions.


As a company that masters core technologies, independently develops core components, and has a relatively complete industrial chain, STEP has developed a good momentum in various business fields in recent years:


  • Intelligent manufacturing expands from automotive body-in-white business to general industry;

  • The robot business expands welding applications, and takes the lead in market segments such as power tower feet, building steel structures, all-terrain vehicles, and construction machinery. It also helps industries such as tire laser engraving and lithium batteries to realize intelligent production;

  • The motion control team has successfully developed a new generation of PAC motion controllers, Ω6 AC servos and inverters, as well as supporting motors and encoders. The development and application of the aforementioned core products have provided customers with complete automation solutions;

  • The electrical control business remains a global leader, and successfully developed the first high-speed elevator group control system in China.



In 2022, facing the challenge of the epidemic, Dr. Jin Xinhai started with enterprise management, optimized the organizational structure and management model, and increased the selection of young cadres, adding endogenous impetus to the development of the enterprise.


Break through the wind and stand at the forefront of the tide, and take responsibility for the future. In the post-epidemic era, under the background of the era of intelligentization and digital transformation of enterprises and the acceleration of domestic substitution, it is an opportunity and a challenge for STEP to deeply cultivate the robot, motion control and intelligent manufacturing industries. STEP will continue to be led by Dr. Jin Xinhai With firm confidence, we will forge ahead bravely, grow through trials, and create a new development scene.

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