STEP's new website has been officially launched!

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-15 09:19

STEP's new website has been officially launched!

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  • Time of issue:2023-03-15 09:19

Plants are sprouting and flowers are blooming.
After a long period of careful preparation, the official website of STEP has a new start!


major new changes

19  types of industry solutions

Fully display the Group's continuously upgraded and optimized brand image

Bring a professional, concise and comfortable immersive experience

Open a new window to learn about STEP



Without further ado, here's the link


Let's take a look at the highlights!



1 Rejuvenate the vision and convey the brand concept


Clean and versatile white is used as the background color of the website, which is conducive to user content acquisition and has a sense of space. It is complemented by the technologically-sounding " STEP blue" to improve brand recognition, and the subtle red embellishments add a few layers to the screen. Enthusiasm and agility.



The overall balance between space, text, and graphics is subtly established, resulting in a harmonious aesthetic feeling, and the UI interaction and jump between pages are also very coordinated and comfortable.

Adaptive design of PC + mobile terminal, different browsing methods, same excellent visual experience.



2 Customer-oriented, complete interactive functions

STEP's "customer-centric" business philosophy runs through the new official website. Based on STEP's years of deep accumulation and rich experience in the field of product technology, the solution section brings together solutions and customer cases for automation and intelligent products in 19 subdivided industries such as elevators, 3C electronics, lithium batteries, and water supply.



For frequency conversion drives and industrial robots with many product series and complex model selection, a product screening function has been specially developed. Users can check the requirements in a few simple steps and find the desired product immediately.


The "Inquiry Now" function on the product details page can be reached with one click. After filling in and submitting simple information, you can sit back and wait for a quotation.



3 Rich columns, exciting and detailed content

The banner image on the home page shows the company's brand image, new product promotion, theme activities, etc., and the top navigation has 8 major section entrances. Click each section to expand the menu, and the sub-sections are clear at a glance.



The business field section comprehensively presents products in the five business fields of STEP electrical control, variable frequency drive, motion control, robotics, and intelligent manufacturing. Users can quickly query and understand their characteristics, advantages, and specifications through series division .


Added columns such as R&D and innovation, STEP schools, after-sales service, agent recruitment, etc., the content of the website has been enriched, and the service support has been further improved.



Copy the link and experience it together


We look forward to

The new official website can bring you brand new feelings and values!

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