Shanghai Xiaoao丨Leaderobot 2020 China Industrial Robot Integration Model Award

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-16 00:00

Shanghai Xiaoao丨Leaderobot 2020 China Industrial Robot Integration Model Award

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On December 12, the 2nd China Robot Industry Annual Conference and Leaderrobot China Robot Awards Ceremony was held in Nanjing. Nearly 300 well-known scholars, entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs attended the event offline and conducted in-depth discussions. Experts from all walks of life in industry, academia and research collided with multiple viewpoints, providing an analysis of technology, industry and trends for the overall annual development of China's robotics industry. The reports of academicians and scholars have also provided comprehensive guidance for the research and development and market development of Chinese enterprises.

This event adopts the mode of "offline forum + online live broadcast". Users, investment and financing institutions and other industry elites are currently an unprecedented annual event in the academic and industrial circles of the robotics industry.

The event was sponsored by the Nanjing Jiangbei New District Management Committee. Focusing on the theme of "Annual Review and Outlook of the Robot Industry, Promoting Industrial Innovation and Collaboration and Integration", more than 100 people in the fields of scientific and technological achievement innovation, industrial development direction layout and policy capital industry were invited. Top industry experts and entrepreneurs who have made achievements in services and other aspects. The event will review the technological innovation and industrial development of my country's current robotics industry in 2020 and the outlook for 2021, and share the guests' deep cultivation history in the field of robotics.



The annual conference consists of three parts: the main forum, the awards ceremony and parallel forums. At the "Industrial Robot Industry Chain Collaborative Innovation" forum, Cai Liang, deputy general manager of STEP , made a speech entitled "Digital Twin Drives Intelligent Manufacturing of Robots". When talking about the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, he emphasized that the excellent manufacturing system, full-scenario customer value, innovative business models, digital capabilities, and organizational capabilities are all crucial core elements.


Cai Liang, Deputy General Manager of STEP

Mr. Cai demonstrated and introduced some application results of STEP 's Shanghai Xiaoao Company in the field of digital twin technology. Taking a demonstration project as an example, in product manufacturability-virtual assembly verification, lean production-scientific optimization of production scheme, robot equipment collaboration-offline programming and virtual debugging, new factory-production line design logistics planning scheme verification, on-site equipment virtual-real linkage , physics and wiring harness-NVIDIA physics engine comprehensive support, etc., reflecting excellent performance advantages.



The award ceremony set up 19 awards, covering two categories of university research and industry, and released the robot industry list at the same time. Among them, the university scientific research awards are issued by universities, scientific research institutes and enterprise R&D institutions, including the Leaderrobot 2020 China Robot Science Leadership Award, Technology Breakthrough Award, and Application Innovation Award. A total of 16 teams have won such awards.
Industry awards cover three industries: industrial robots, service robots, and special robots. Different awards are set up for each industry field. In addition, in 2020, the expert group will set up 3 special awards for the Industry Contribution Award to recognize organizations and institutions that have made services and contributions to the industry. A total of 63 enterprises and institutions won awards in the industry category.

Shanghai Xiaoao Company and Robot Company under STEP entered the list of winners in the industry category. Shanghai Xiaoao has been focusing on the integration of automotive body-in-white robot systems for 28 years, and has maintained a leading position in application technology fields such as digital twins and VR. With this technology potential, it will expand the general industry adjacently and contribute wisdom and strength to intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing system integrator-Shanghai Xiaoao won the Leaderrobot 2020 China Industrial Robot Integration Model Award. At the same time, Shanghai STEP Robotics Co., Ltd. entered Leaderrobot's 2020 TOP30 list of China's leading robot companies.


Leaderrobot 2020 China Industrial Robot

Industrial Robot Integration Model Award

Shanghai Xiaoao Xiangrong Automobile Industry Equipment Co., Ltd.

TOP30 List of Robot Leaders

Shanghai STEP Robot Co., Ltd.

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