STEP丨Elevator ecological chain is launched

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-15 00:00

STEP丨Elevator ecological chain is launched

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  • Time of issue:2020-05-15 00:00

When the 5G era is coming, under the background of Made in China 2025, STEP proposes the scientific concept of building a safe and healthy elevator ecological chain, relying on advanced accessories certification technology to scientifically control accessories, so that various roles in the elevator industry can be integrated into the elevator ecological chain, and finally realize multiple win the situation.

Technologies such as diagnosis of elevator operating characteristics, big data and cloud computing will strengthen each connection point of the elevator ecological chain to make it robust. A healthy elevator ecological chain can enable each role in the elevator industry to continue to grow in good times and overcome obstacles in adversity.



Elevator Status
Elevators are delivered for use. Once the warranty period expires, the elevator will be cut off from the elevator manufacturer. On the one hand, elevator manufacturing enterprises bear unlimited responsibility for elevator safety; on the other hand, elevator manufacturing enterprises no longer have any economic income from the aftermarket of elevators.

The reason is that
the elevator computer accessories market has been replaced by various counterfeit products. All kinds of counterfeit elevator computer accessories have been flooded on the Internet.

The current elevator control has all adopted computer serial communication control technology. As with all computer systems, large amounts of data are transferred without any tolerance for program errors. The people who make counterfeit boards are unprofessional, uneven, and unable to supervise, and it is inevitable that wrong procedures will not occur. These procedures lead to frequent elevator failures in light cases, causing inconvenience for passengers to take the elevator, and serious cases leading to elevator safety accidents.

The solution
is to bind the elevator computer accessories with the original elevator manufacturer (ie: let the elevator original manufacturer become the only supplier of elevator computer accessories), and use the blockchain encryption algorithm to ensure that the replacement elevator computer accessories are the only source of supply Channels, thereby ensuring the quality and reliability of accessories and the safe operation of elevators.

Elevator ecological chain
Due to the above measures, the reliability of elevator operation has been guaranteed to the maximum extent.
1) Passengers are satisfied;
2) Passengers are satisfied, and property management is easier; 3)
The enthusiasm for elevator maintenance is improved;
The safety guarantee responsibility of the "Elevator Safety Law" also has a deserved elevator aftermarket service income;
5) The elevator has eliminated the hidden danger of safety accidents, and the national quality supervision and management has contributed a lot.

Passengers, property management, maintenance companies, elevator manufacturers, and quality supervision departments together constitute a safe and healthy elevator ecological chain!

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