Depth Tracking│STEP robot tailor-made zero-stacking and continuous code software package for the chemical fiber industry

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-15 00:00

Depth Tracking│STEP robot tailor-made zero-stacking and continuous code software package for the chemical fiber industry

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  • Time of issue:2020-04-15 00:00

With an in-depth understanding of the needs of the chemical fiber industry, we have customized and developed a zero-stacking and continuous-stacking software package
for the specific working conditions of box-packed chemical fiber palletizing , which provides real convenience for customers.

Follow up

Hongze United Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
STEP robot station: box-packed finished chemical fiber palletizing
STEP robot quantity: SP120/2400, 3
robots Service start time: August 2016

"We no longer recruit palletizers"


Lianhe Chemical Fiber is located by the beautiful Hongze Lake, and it is the largest production base of chemical fiber texturing in northern Jiangsu. At the export port of United Chemical Fiber and its subsidiary Sanlian New Materials, there was a long line of trucks waiting to be loaded, which was a busy scene. In the past three years, three STEP palletizing robots SP120/2400 have completed the palletizing of hundreds of thousands of tons of boxes of finished chemical fibers in the United Chemical Fiber factory, freeing workers from heavy physical labor. Taking on easier work has also created substantial benefits for the business.


At the entrance of the factory of Sanlian New Material Company, a subsidiary of United Chemical Fiber, the recruitment brochures placed all year round, the monthly salary of operators who work in two shifts of 12 hours exceeds 6,000 yuan, free board and lodging, and even the benefits of arranging children's schooling. Compared with local The average salary of more than 3,000 yuan is much higher. The workshop director said that because the palletizers have high physical requirements, they can move more than 30 kilograms of boxes each time, hundreds or even thousands of boxes a day, and the physical strength of ordinary people is really too much, especially in summer, when the temperature in the warehouse exceeds 40 degrees. Work is all sweat. In the past few years, we could still recruit palletizing workers, but it became more and more difficult. In 2016, we decided to use robots instead of manual palletizing. After trying to use the first robot, we achieved good results. We have purchased 2 more At present, all palletizing stations are robots, and palletizing workers are no longer used throughout United Chemical Fiber.

"Zero stacking and continuous coding, small software solves big problems"


Due to the variety of products, there are many types of materials, and the order switching in the chemical fiber industry is frequent. Almost every day, there will be one or two last stacks of the same type that cannot be filled. Due to irregular zero stacks, it is difficult to send them to the warehouse for storage and subsequent loading. It is more difficult, and the solution of other companies is to install sensors. Since this kind of situation does not occur frequently, it increases the cost of users. 

Cheng Cheng, general manager of Shangfeng Technology, is an expert in robot application. During the project implementation, he proposed that because the palletizing type is fixed, it is only necessary to add a counting function to the palletizing software. When using it next time, simply click the count, Allowing the robot to automatically renew the code should be able to solve this problem. This problem is not complicated, but the application software package is packaged in the robot system and needs to be implemented by the robot ontology company. So Mr. Cheng found the STEP robot with the mentality of giving it a try. After asking whether this problem belongs to the needs of the industry, the STEP robot engineer wrote new code and tested it shortly after, optimizing the user interface. , successfully solved the problem of zero stacking and continuous code.

"Small software can solve big problems. This simple technical problem embodies the user-centered and urgent service spirit of STEP robots." Looking back on the process of system integration for United Chemical Fiber, Shangfeng Technology Engineering Manager I am very satisfied with the software package customization service provided by STEP Robot during the project implementation process.
Because of this, the STEP robot provides technical support for Shangfeng Technology, and Shangfeng Technology has gained technical advantages and won the initiative in the market competition.


Boxed finished chemical fiber palletizing

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