Facing the "epidemic" | STEP face recognition call solution

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-17 00:00

Facing the "epidemic" | STEP face recognition call solution

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-17 00:00

Scene diagram

Background Introduction
With the development of artificial intelligence technology, face recognition has been applied in scenarios such as access control and turnstiles. In the application scenario of non-contact elevator rides, face recognition call elevators, as a novel means of authority call elevators, have attracted widespread attention from users. Combining the advantages of its own control system, STEP conducts in-depth research on face recognition call technology and deeply excavates its application scenarios. After a series of product verification tests, the face recognition call solution with STEP features came into being.


System Block Diagram

Features of the solution
1. Install a face recognition all-in-one machine in a suitable position in the car, and interact with the system by means of communication to realize authority calling;
2. Support dynamic anti-counterfeiting, effectively filter static photos and other deception methods;
3. Have excellent night recognition Effect;
4. Support two deployment modes of LAN and cloud;
5. Support massive local face photo and identification record information storage;
6. Have a quick identification response mechanism, and quickly register the destination floor;
7. Support stranger detection and can be captured and saved On-site photos;
8. Elevator fault information can be obtained. In the cloud deployment mode, faces can be captured to realize the judgment and alarm of trapped people, and assist in emergency rescue; 9.
This solution can be combined with the smart phone call solution to achieve complementary advantages.

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