Fighting the epidemic together, creating dreams together丨STEP officially resumed work

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-19 00:00

Fighting the epidemic together, creating dreams together丨STEP officially resumed work

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-19 00:00

Responding to the call of the Shanghai Municipal Government, strict and orderly, precise and meticulous, and under the condition of ensuring the safety and health of employees, STEP Group and its subsidiaries in electrical, motor, robotics, cables, etc. in Jiading, Shanghai, were safely and orderly on February 17 Officially resume work.

On the occasion of the resumption of work, Gidefa, President of STEP Group, delivered a speech on resumption of work, "Fighting the Epidemic Together, Building Dreams Together".

The Spring Festival that just passed is destined to be an extremely extraordinary Spring Festival in history. The new crown pneumonia is like a super weapon, which suddenly stops our normal life rhythm, and the whole country is in a national "war" against the new virus. 

In these short few weeks, I have seen too many moving... There is the upright Dr. Li Wenliang who unfortunately died of illness, a large number of medical volunteers went to the front line of the epidemic in Wuhan regardless of safety, and the 84-year-old academician Zhong Nanshan Tearful interviews, 73-year-old academician Li Lanjuan commanding the scene in Wuhan, including state leaders, grassroots cadres at all levels, and street service personnel who are responsible for guarding the soil 24 hours a day regardless of their own safety... I want to say, this It is the hope of a country and a nation. Regardless of the national elite or the common people, as long as the country is in trouble, we will stand up and obey the call of the country at any time. 

I would also like to commend all STEP employees who have been responsible for guarding the soil and defending the country in the past few weeks in the fight against the virus. All of our companies actively responded to the call of the country and the Shanghai Municipal Government to postpone the resumption of work. We also had colleagues who drove long distances to solve problems for mask manufacturers, and some actively provided materials and solutions for manufacturers of masks and other materials in short supply. The safety materials ensure that our employees can start work normally, and there are even a large number of people who have not officially resumed work but insist on doing their jobs at home. I also want to say that this is the hope of our STEP! No matter how difficult we encounter, whether it is a leader or an ordinary employee, we always have a sense of responsibility in our hearts and shoulder the responsibility of creating value for customers at all times. 

Due to the severity of the epidemic, we responded to the government's call. Since the seventh day of the lunar new year, R&D personnel, management cadres, and sales personnel have begun to work from home and online. On the one hand, sales staff are preparing for this year's sales work, on the other hand, they are actively keeping in touch with customers, so that customers can rest assured that STEP can provide customers with all possible services. Zhishan took the lead in resuming work yesterday. On the day of resuming work, General Manager Wang Gangzhi also specially wrote the opening speech of "Gathering You and Me, Towards the Future" with enthusiasm and vigor. 

We will win this battle against the "epidemic"! Because we have seen strong leadership, firm confidence and tenacious will! The epidemic is still going on, and we will officially resume work today. Because we know that it is not the epidemic that determines the life and death of our company, but whether we can resume production as soon as possible under this epidemic, realize greater value for our customers in a safe and efficient way as soon as possible, and win more customers for us. trust and recognition. Shopping malls are like battlefields, and we have to race against time. We need to use 10 months to achieve the 12-month target. Not only can we win this war against the epidemic, we must also win this year's economic battle! 

Xiongguan Road is really like iron, and now it is over from the beginning. The "epidemic" of this war has told us that every ordinary employee may be a person who creates history. Every battle must be of one heart and one mind, sharing joys and sorrows. Every victory must have a strong will... I hope, I also I believe that after experiencing the test of this "epidemic" war, every STEP person can learn these precious spiritual wealth from it, constantly improve and surpass themselves. 

Pursuing the ultimate in everything, we not only need to make up for the losses caused by the epidemic, but also continue to focus on the corporate strategy, Step by Step, to jointly build STEP's future dream!




The first day of STEP resumption of work


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