Gidefa: Never stop on the road of chasing dreams

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Gidefa: Never stop on the road of chasing dreams

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The magnificent 70 years have been 70 years of overcoming obstacles and wind and rain. Every step of the development and growth of New China is inseparable from the non-public economy and the cohesion of the non-public economy and the solidarity of the majority of people in the non-public economy.
At the glorious moment of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, we sent out a solicitation and appeal to private entrepreneurs across the city, and gained many extraordinary stories of innovation and entrepreneurship. With rock-solid confidence and the drive to seize the day, we will work together to write a new chapter of the Chinese dream in the new era!

President of Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. Over the past 70 years, our motherland has undergone earth-shaking changes under the leadership of the party. Our generation of private entrepreneurs also grew up along with the development of the motherland. Encouraged by Deng Xiaoping's speeches during his southern tour, I lost my job and embarked on the road of starting a business, establishing Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd. Now STEP has become a listed company, and its operating industry has developed from a single control drive product for elevators to a cross-industry and multi-product integration of robots, intelligent manufacturing production lines, cloud services, the Internet, and automated product testing laboratories with national qualifications. company. This is all thanks to our great party and the great people's government.
The power of dreams led me to embark on
the road of In the 1980s, there was a text in the English listening textbook for graduate students that was the speech "I have a dream" by the black American hero Martin Luther King. Less revelation. In fact, the power of dreams plays a key role in embarking on the road of entrepreneurship. Not long after we started our business, we put forward the slogan "Step by Step, Dreams Come True" when planning our corporate culture, which originally meant "step by step, dreams come true". At that time, society's understanding of dreams was relatively negative, so the Chinese explanations of our corporate promotional materials were "step by step, dreams come true here."
At the beginning of the business, we only did technical transformation of old elevators. Elevator is a vertical means of transportation and a mechanical and electrical product with very high requirements for automation control technology. Its operation stability, operation efficiency, safety and reliability are very important. At that time, my country's elevator technology was relatively backward, accidents occurred frequently, and there were constant reports of elevators causing deaths and injuries. For this reason, the state issued "Several Regulations on Improving Elevator Quality" in 1992 to "eliminate outdated products" within a time limit.

Early stage

My research topic when I was a graduate student was "Modern Control Theory and Its Application". I know that the main reason for the backwardness of elevator technology and hidden dangers to elevator safety is the backwardness of elevator control technology and the backwardness of elevator control components. At that time, I was working as the chief engineer of a state-owned elevator factory in Shanghai. This "Regulation" gave me an opportunity to start a business. I firmly believe that I have the ability to produce high reliability, high efficiency, high stability and international advanced elevator control products that meet the national security requirements.
In the early stage of entrepreneurship, I encountered a business, because it became the headline on the front page of the Jiefang Daily twice, and became a good story in the elevator industry. At the beginning of 1994, the "Jiefang Daily" published a headline on the front page, saying that the four imported elevators in two 24-story apartment buildings in a community continued to fail, and people were shut down almost every day. Residents were afraid to go out on weekends for fear that the elevators would break down. It's time to climb the stairs. Once, an old lady had to ask migrant workers to carry her upstairs because the elevator was broken. Seeing this report, we immediately participated in the elevator renovation bid. After our transformation, the elevator has changed its old appearance to a new one, and there has been no failure for several months. The property management held a special commendation meeting for this. So far, after more than 20 years, these elevators are still in good condition.
Bold innovation makes STEP develop rapidly
. It is our first step to start a business from scratch to make technical transformation for old elevators. With the gradual deepening of reform and opening up, elevator companies of major international brands have entered China one after another, and they have brought advanced technology elevators with full computer and full speed regulation. At that time, private elevator manufacturing enterprises also emerged continuously. However, regardless of state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, although they adopted elevator control products that meet the national requirements, the logic control products used by domestic enterprises are different from the intelligent control products used by international brands. Great disparity. Although imported brand elevators are expensive, the market is almost one-sided, and mid-to-high-end properties basically choose imported brand elevators.
At this time, our company has already possessed a certain strength and seized the opportunity to develop a fully computerized intelligent controller for elevators that is comparable to the international technical level. The corporate culture of "facing the world and pursuing the best" inspires us to challenge the latest international technology. After hard work, we succeeded!
With the rapid development of China's economy, high-rise buildings have sprung up all over the land of the motherland. At present, the number of elevators in use in China is far ahead in the world, and the number of STEP products installed exceeds 1.5 million; STEP elevator control products are also spread all over the world, and tens of thousands of elevators are exported every year. Now most international elevator brand enterprises have selected our intelligent elevator control system.
Today, developers no longer regard elevators as expensive electromechanical equipment, but ordinary people are the real beneficiaries. In this regard, STEP has contributed its own strength.
Grateful for the development to meet the good times.
After more than ten years of development, STEP was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Main Board. The company's development goals are also changing. From a single elevator control drive product, it has gradually expanded into a comprehensive development of multiple industries, multiple technologies, and multiple products. At present, STEP regards intelligent manufacturing supporting operation and control products and robot workstations as new pillar industries. In 2018, STEPScara robots only support 3C industries, and the shipment volume reached 3,000 units, ranking first in the country. STEP's auto body-in-white robot welding line ranks among the top ten in the country.
STEP's investment in research and development accounts for more than 7% of operating income. In addition to robots, the development of operation and control platforms, AGV cars, intelligent manufacturing lines, 5G applications, and the Internet of Things are all new technologies and products that we are stepping up research and development and rapidly advancing. The deep integration of information and industry, intelligent equipment based on information systems, intelligent factories, etc., STEP's technological innovation is always on the way.
Under the background of the new era, the development of an enterprise is not a matter of speed, but a matter of business model, strategic positioning, and the common development of employees and enterprises. The problems faced by enterprises are becoming more and more complex, and the challenges are becoming more and more Severe, of course, the opportunities are also increasing.
STEP has made some progress since its establishment, but there is still a long way to go from our dream, and there is still a lot of potential to be tapped. We have encountered a good time, and I have been thinking about how to grasp the historical opportunity, make good use of the high-quality resources of capital operation of listed companies, keep pace with the times, strive to innovate, actively develop, and strive to build STEP into a modern and large-scale enterprise. Smart Manufacturing Enterprise.

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