2019 Artificial Intelligence Empowering New Retail Summit Forum Held in Shanghai

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2019 Artificial Intelligence Empowering New Retail Summit Forum Held in Shanghai

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On the afternoon of May 28th, Innovation, Empowerment, Foresight, Future - 2019 Artificial Intelligence Empowerment New Retail Summit Forum was held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Nanxiang, Jiading, Shanghai, and more than 300 representatives attended the meeting.


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The meeting was jointly hosted by Shanghai Jiading Federation of Industry and Commerce, Nanxiang Town Government, Shanghai STEP Robotics, and Shanghai Miguo Technology. Guiding units: Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiading District Government. Sponsors: Shanghai Blue Sky Economic City, Engineering Doctor Group. Leaders from Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Association, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce Science and Technology Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Robot Industry Research Association, and various committees and bureaus of Shanghai Jiading District attended. The meeting includes guest speeches, round table forums and other links.


Member of the Standing Committee of Jiading District/Deputy District Mayor Dong Yiwen

Dong Yiwen, Member of the Standing Committee/Deputy District Mayor of Jiading District, Shanghai, said in her speech that Jiading is an advanced manufacturing base in Shanghai and a large commercial district in Shanghai. In 2018, the total retail sales of commodities in the district reached 641.05 billion yuan. The Jiading District Party Committee/District Government will create a better ecological environment, and warmly welcome all entrepreneurs to invest, develop and take root in Jiading, so as to realize the common development of enterprises and Jiading.

Mao Junfa, vice president of Shanghai Jiaotong University

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences/Vice President of Shanghai Jiaotong University Mao Junfa talked about his views on artificial intelligence. In layman's terms, artificial intelligence is a machine that has part of human capabilities and replaces part of human labor. At present, artificial intelligence is in the initial stage of development. Scientists use programs, algorithms, etc. to allow it to realize part of human capabilities; the development of artificial intelligence must be combined with industrial development; at present, artificial intelligence is restricted by theory and algorithms, and requires joint research in various fields , for further development. The trade war that has now become a hot topic is essentially a high-tech war, and the main battlefield is artificial intelligence.


You Wuyang: Artificial intelligence empowers new retail 

You Wuyang, head of Alibaba's new retail department/former vice president of Ali Research Institute, gave a speech title: Artificial intelligence empowers new retail. He introduced the characteristics of new retail: crowd changes, product upgrades, channel fragmentation, and experience first; changes in demand and commodities: multi-variety, short cycle, omni-channel sales, and pulsed demand. Artificial intelligence empowers new retail, with data penetration and close collaboration at the retail end and supply chain. It specifically introduces some applications of artificial intelligence in the retail front-end, such as matching virtual fittings, smart shelves, visualized, perceivable, and adjustable smart supply chains, etc.


Wang Lei: KUKA robot + new retail

Wang Lei, Director of KUKA Robot Application Center, introduced the development of KUKA in China and the application of KUKA robots in stores, vending machines, and restaurant back kitchens.


Marui: New retail AI smart store

Ma Rui, executive director of Shanghai Miguo Technology Co., Ltd., said that the core functions of the new retail AI smart store include: background material processing and supply chain system connection, middle-stage standardized operation, front-end digital and humanized marketing services, invoicing The data monitoring returns to the background supply system and so on.



Two round table forums 

Two roundtable forums were held on the spot - Robot + New Retail and Artificial Intelligence Empowering New Retail. Moderator: Dr. Gong Robot Li Yuan, guests are from: Aerospace Manufacturing Dong Xiulin, Yaskawa Namba Shiro, ABB Gao Yiping, Bozhong Su Yanyu; The guests talked freely about related topics according to the characteristics of their respective industries.


Cai Liang: Wisdom and Power - Interdependent AI and Robots 

Cai Liang, vice president of Shanghai STEP Electric Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the topic: Wisdom and Power—Interdependent AI and Robots. Mr. Cai started from the core of the new manufacturing "five new economies" and talked about the needs of robots for AI-flexible manufacturing, connecting the world, and realizing carriers; ecology: interdependent AIROBOT; landing: application-oriented development, basic technology and Applications run in parallel. At the same time, it introduces the application of STEP in the practice of robot AI - intelligent logistics solutions, unmanned warehouses, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned distribution.


Shen Xiaopeng: Successful application in the field of robot + new retail

Shen Xiaopeng, president of Dr.Gong Group, introduced the application cases of Dr.Gong in the field of robot + new retail, and showed the application cases of Beijing Sanlitun Robot Store, Alibaba Double Eleven Smart Store, Happy Lemon ASE Smart Store, and Ali Miguo Smart Store.


Chen Pei: Summary of the theme of the conference

Chen Pei, chairman/president of Zhongsou Network and a well-known cloud computing expert in China, made a summary of the keynote of the conference. AI has a history of more than 60 years, and the well-known event-Google AlphaGo's victory over the human world champion Korean chess player Lee Sedol in 2017 was a symbolic event of artificial intelligence (Chen Pei was the on-site commentator at the time). AlphaGo is based on the deep learning of neural network, has the ability of analysis, judgment and decision-making, and begins to challenge human beings.

Mr. Chen believes that there will be three kinds of people in the future world: natural people today; robots, or humanoid machines; the third type of people, intelligent robots, is a mixture of humans and machines.

The third type of people has two hybrid methods, the first is to implant human consciousness in the machine; the second is to implant a chip in the human brain, and the machine function is implanted in the brain, which will be of great help to human beings , You don’t need to learn a lot of knowledge. Using the Internet and cloud computing, you can integrate knowledge into your brain, which will make everyone very powerful.

The application of artificial intelligence in new retail is just the tip of the iceberg in the tide of AI. Artificial intelligence will open a new era and profoundly affect our lives. In the end, it will be everywhere and it will be difficult to distinguish it from our lives. (Some photos are from conference download resources)


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