Call of Dreams ushers in a new starting point, strategic navigation starts a new voyage

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Call of Dreams ushers in a new starting point, strategic navigation starts a new voyage

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On January 15th, it was March 9, but when you walk into the lecture hall of STEP Shanghai Siyi Road Factory, you will feel that you have traveled through time and space. The hall is full of spring and warm currents. The festive atmosphere makes people feel like spring breeze. The STEP 2018 Annual Meeting and 2019 Spring Festival Gala were held here. The STEP people who came as scheduled put aside the busyness of the year, with smiles, blessings, expectations, and the growth and harvest in STEP over the past year. In this happy station, welcome the New Year and celebrate the grand event together.

2018 STEP Annual Conference

In the past year, STEP's various business sectors have competed to make efforts, and all subsidiaries have worked together. The opening annual film took stock of the achievements of the past 365 days. Each company can find its own wonderful moments, and the strategic blueprint presented at the end of the film , introduced the new strategic goals and vision in a panoramic manner, as if the horn of charge was sounded again.

The host Gao Hao was full of spring breeze and invited the leaders of various companies to present Spring Festival couplets. The couplets won rounds of applause. These fantastic couplets were full of ambition and showed the pioneering spirit of struggle like a rainbow.


Ji Yi, Chairman/President of STEP

To welcome and celebrate the new year, Ms. Ji Yi, chairman/president of STEP, first delivered a speech at the annual meeting. Facing the severe macroeconomic situation, the chairman affirmed the achievements of the subsidiaries, and at the same time deeply analyzed the current problems of the company and pointed out the direction of struggle. 

She said that under the leadership of the entrepreneurial team led by Mr. Ji Dong, STEP has created many firsts in the elevator control system, and some fields are the first in China and even the world, and it has always been our pride and pride! Our SCARA, Xiao'ao's system engineering, Huitong's automation channel, and Zhishan's textile machine servo... are all working hard in their respective fields, gaining customer recognition, winning customers and our own due market position . Our layout in the intelligent manufacturing industry chain is rich and complete, and our strong R&D foundation is rare in the entire automation industry.

However, we clearly realize that it is time for STEP to undergo major changes and a new development path! Mr. Zhang Ruimin of Haier said, "There is no successful enterprise, only the enterprise of the times"! STEP needs such courage. To carry out scientific reforms in the rhythm of the times, we need to pick up the precious entrepreneurial spirit left to us by the first-generation entrepreneurial team of Mr. Ji Dong—facing the world, pursuing the best, and always striving for the first!

Our organization must be full of vitality. Building a high-level team with a sense of mission, a middle-level team with a sense of career, and a grass-roots team with a sense of responsibility is the foundation and prerequisite for strategic success! We firmly believe that we will also take 2019 as a new starting point for our new journey. Through solid efforts during the 5-year strategic period from 2019 to 2023, we are sure that STEP will usher in the next strategic period to take off!


Gidefa, founder of STEP

Mr. Ji Defa, the founder of STEP, said in a speech that now we are gathering in the auditorium that STEP is proud of to hold the 2018 Summary and Commendation Conference and STEP Spring Festival Gala. I am as happy as everyone else. First of all, I would like to wish you all an early New Year here. I wish you all a happy new year, happy family and good luck in everything! At the same time, I also wish that STEP can regain the passionate and high-spirited feeling of being covetous and defiant before the company's listing in 2019, and that it can reproduce the majesty and spirit of rising from the predicament in 2019.

Here I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the cadres and employees who made efforts to defend the honor and glory of STEP in 2018! At the same time, we are also pleased to see that we have formulated the STEP2019-2023 strategic plan when the environment deteriorated and the future was uncertain last year.

STEP is a company with ideals and aspirations. I believe that STEP employees do not want the company to resign itself to fate and do nothing. Our culture is to face the world, pursue the best, face the future, and always strive for the first place! Our mission is to enable human beings to share the convenience and happiness of a smart society.

We must realize that with the rapid development of modern society, higher and higher business costs, and increasingly fierce competition, fast horses have the possibility of survival, while slow horses must wait to die. When we start a business or run a business, we should have a sense of mission and a sense of responsibility, both to the society and to the family. For this reason, we only have to work hard to make the impossible possible, and only to be unyielding and forge ahead bravely under pressure and crisis. History has repeatedly told us that success only belongs to those who work tirelessly.

Excellence in craftsmanship, in recognition of advanced collectives and figures


Xu Jiansheng, Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer of STEP

Mr. Xu Jiansheng, Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer of STEP, announced the selection method of "Excellent Craftsmanship" and the award-winning advanced collectives and advanced figures, 10 individual representatives of excellent craftsmanship from the group and its subsidiaries, 5 craftsman projects, 2 Chairman's Special Mention Award was recognized at the annual meeting.


Excellence Award Winner


Artisan project winning team


Chairman's Special Award Winner

2019 STEP Spring Festival Gala



Flowers bloom and fall, welcoming the new spring with a smile; spring goes and spring returns, welcoming a new era. The four hosts Gao Hao, Shi Yuhong, Jiang Xiaoyan, and Shi Yuli put on festive costumes to celebrate the New Year with everyone in the festival of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new.



we are different

The opening performance was an online celebrity dance medley "We Are Different" brought by Yixin Company. With the switching of music styles, the passion of Samba, the liveliness of Cha Cha, the gracefulness of Rumba, and the charm of Latin are displayed here. Passionate The radiant modern dance vividly demonstrated the vigor and vitality of STEP.



the drunken beauty

Accompanied by the music of "The Drunken Concubine", four women with heavy make-up are holding gauze silk in their hands, and four handsome and masculine young men are holding up lanterns. In the interaction of hardness and softness, this classical dance is like a butterfly wearing flowers around a tree, like a spring on the earth. The hope that comes back is like a new branch of greenery, which is really refreshing.


Poetry recitation "Longing"

The management team of the Elevator Division brought everyone a poem recitation "Longing". "Xin'er, I always look forward to the future. In the future, there will be my land and ocean. In the future, there will be my oasis and Qionglou. In the future, there will be my dawn and clear sky."



Dance "Light and Shadow"

Then all the stage lights were extinguished, and six dancers in fluorescent costumes performed the dance "Light and Shadow" in the dark. The eyes of the audience are all attracted by the fluorescent outlines. The six dancers are like robots. They are connected to the electric current and receive instructions. Their neat movements follow the music with a strong sense of rhythm.



Workshop exercise performance

The gymnastics performance between workshops combines fashionable dance elements, from the workshop to the office, from the factory area to the meeting room, as long as you want, STEP is your stage everywhere. The dancers showed the vitality and demeanor of STEP people with neat steps, standard movements and full spirit.



The performer of "Long Reader" - Wang Chunxiang, the leader of STEP technology, recited Wang Guozhen's poem - went to the distance. "Going to the distance is to make life more brilliant. Walking on the rough road, the young eyes are full of dreams and thoughts..." His eyes are firm, as if he is leading the team to the distance with arrogance.


choral performance 

At the end of the program, the STEP chorus sang "Nanniwan" and "Song of STEP". We start from STEP, this is the place where dreams fly, we face the world to pursue the best and always strive for the first place, and constantly welcome new dawns while soaring... In the singing, we 
feel the warmth and strength, and with our dreams in mind, we forge ahead! 


2019STEP Spring Festival Gala

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