Official announcement丨The new version of the Elevator Star IoT platform is here!

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  • Time of issue:2018-11-03 00:00

Official announcement丨The new version of the Elevator Star IoT platform is here!

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  • Time of issue:2018-11-03 00:00

Recently, Elevator Xingchen Internet of Things released a brand new platform and mobile APP, you still don’t know? Hurry up and go to www.elevatorstar.com to log in and download Elevatorstar to have a look. The V2.0 version released this time has been completely rebuilt from the background to the front end, providing a new interface and experience for the majority of Star Internet of Things users.

01 New landing page

Brand new landing page. The background page that can be connected to the Internet is more in line with the name of Star Internet of Things, and 32 likes are manually given. If you want to ask for the original picture as a desktop, please reply to the message.


02 Optimized system homepage

Optimized system homepage. I know that the previous page has been complained by you for a long time, sorry, we are late!


03 Elevator information management module

Elevator information provides users with a more convenient network access elevator information management module, and at the same time adds the functions of building new elevators in batches and APP scanning codes to access the network. Friends, have you thought about these two functions for a long time, don't worry, I will give them to you this time, please check, thank you!


04 Device management and remote upgrade

Device management allows users to know the online status of terminals in real time, and also provides remote upgrade functions for IoT devices.


05 Elevator monitoring page

The elevator monitoring page has also been restructured and optimized, the loading speed is faster, and the on-site equipment monitoring operation status is displayed more clearly. This time the elevator car is really moving up and down, I will not tell you how it was realized before.


06 GIS map module

The GIS map module has added support for Google maps, and overseas friends can finally play happily.


07 Emergency Work Order User Interface

The urgent repair work order also adopts a small and fresh style user interface. I give high marks to this color scheme. I won't tell you that the front-end engineer here is a cute girl (if you want WeChat, please follow the official account and reply to the message).


08 Maintenance work order module

Check out the new maintenance work order module. Friends in the maintenance industry, everything you want is here.


Alright, alright, this time I will give you a spoiler here. Haven't quenched your thirst yet? Stay tuned for the next episode. Don't worry, we won't do as many sequels as Cruise's Mission: Impossible...

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