STEP Class丨AS380 Elevator Integrated Drive Controller Quick Commissioning Guide

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  • Time of issue:2018-10-19 00:00

STEP Class丨AS380 Elevator Integrated Drive Controller Quick Commissioning Guide

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At present, there are more than one million sets of STEP elevator control systems in operation on the market , and the mobile version of the "Quick Commissioning Guide" is convenient for on-site installation and maintenance personnel to consult in time.


handheld operator

Inspection before commissioning
1. Check whether the connection of each part is correct according to the instruction manual and the electrical schematic diagram.
2. Check whether the strong current part and the weak current part are related. Use a multimeter to check the resistance between different voltage circuits, and the resistance to ground should be ∞.
3. Turn on the main power switch. If the green light of the phase sequence relay KAP is on, it means the phase is correct; if the green light is not on, turn off the main power supply, exchange any two phases of the main power supply, and then power on again.
Idle train debugging
1. The elevator traction machine, wire rope, car, counterweight frame, etc. are installed in place, and there is no jamming in the hoistway.
2. Connect the power supply line, including input three-phase R, S, T and output U, V, W.
3. Connect the brake power cord.
4. Connect the short connecting wire on the AS.T024 PG card with the encoder wire from the traction machine, and complete it in the power off state.
5. Short seal safety circuit and door lock circuit, 102-118, 118-116, 118-120, 118-119 (short circuit when there is a rear door).
Short seal upper and lower speed change switches C0M-84, COM-86.
6. Short seal the car top maintenance switch COM-78.
7. Connect the AC380V power supply to the control cabinet, and pay attention to the leftmost row of LED lights on the AS.T030 board. The STATE light should flash quickly, indicating that the system has not reported a fault.
Safety SAFETY light, front door lock HDL light, rear door lock X31 (when the F53 opens the back door, the back door lock must be monitored, check it in the monitoring menu, * means the back door lock is on), the main door lock DL is lit, otherwise check whether the short wiring is correct .
The X4 (L5) and X5 (L6) lights of the input points of the up and down deceleration switches should be on, otherwise, check whether the short wiring of the speed change switch is correct.
8. Set and check the following parameters
F6-elevator rated speed, set
F11-elevator floor according to the elevator rated speed, set according to the actual number of boards on site
F25-Mainboard input (X0-15), factory default or modified on site
F26-Main board input (X16-25), factory default or modified on site
F27-Car input (GX0-15), factory default or modified on site
F28 - Car top input (HX0-15), factory default or according to on-site modification
F36=1, 0 brake switch does not detect, 1 brake switch detection; UCMP activation is forced to 1
F153=1, whether there is hall door high voltage detection, 0 Yes no, 1 yes; if there is a door circuit detection or bypass function, it is forced to be 1
F156-whether there is a door lock relay, 0 means no, 1 yes
F182-number of deceleration switch poles
F202-motor type, 0 asynchronous, 1 synchronous
F203-motor Rated power
F204-Motor rated current
F205-Motor rated frequency
F206-Motor rated speed
F207-Motor rated voltage
F208-Motor pole number, 120×frequency/speed;
F202-F208 parameters should be set according to the motor nameplate
F210-Encoder type
0 is an incremental encoder
1 is a sine-cosine encoder
2 is an Endat absolute encoder
F211-encoder pulse number, set according to the encoder parameters
(other parameters keep the factory value and can not be changed)
9. Overhaul test run, elevator For the first power-on operation, the brake will not open, and there will be a few seconds of settling. At this time, the motor will make a "diligent" sound—that is, the self-learning process of the synchronous motor. or the down button, the elevator will rotate at the inspection speed, and the setting is completed;
when running at a slow speed, you can monitor the menu through the hand-held operator to observe whether the current and running speed are normal.
If the maintenance operation current is too large or 71 or 91 fault is reported, the handling situation is as follows:
① Check whether the main board parameters F202-F211 are correct;
② If the encoder is correct, it may be that the motor phase sequence is reversed, and V and W need to be connected Swap;
③ Check whether the brake is open, if not, adjust it;
④ If there is no wire rope hanging, the zero-speed PI value should be adjusted appropriately
; Small, the phase angle is inaccurate, change F245 to 6, F247 to 280%, then power on and run again.
Note: If it is in the door lock bypass state during inspection and maintenance, it must monitor the door close in place. If the door is not closed in place, it will report No. 8 communication failure, so carefully check the switch position of the door lock bypass device (or enter the redefined value next to X32 in the value-added function. If the elevator
running direction is opposite to the given command, change F234=0 to 1.
Express car commissioning
1. The elevator machinery is installed in place, the safety and door locks are connected, and the operation is normal (short circuit is not allowed).
2. The door operator works normally, the door opening and closing action is normal, the door opening and closing arrival signal works normally, and the wiring is correct.
3. The leveling and door zone switches are installed in place, working normally, and the signals are correct.
4. The upper and lower forced speed change switches of the hoistway are installed in place and work normally.
5. Set and check the following parameters
F166: default = 1, new national standard function selection
Bit0, front door circuit detection
Bit1, inspection running door close in place detection
Bit2, rear door circuit detection
Bit0, early door opening function is set to "*" to enable, set to " "one" is closed;
Bit1, set "*" to open the door and then level the floor, set "one" to close;
Bit2, must be set to "*", do not detect X13 early door opening relay, otherwise 45 fault will be reported.
6. Monitor the hand-held operator, and monitor the input status of each shaft switch through the monitoring menu.
7. The corresponding speed change switches X4 (L5) and X5 (L6) must be on when the elevator is on the middle floor, and the signals X6 (L7) and X7 (L8) must be activated when the elevator is leveling.
When inspecting and going up, X7 (L8) should act first, then X6 (L7), and X4 (L5) will act when it is about to reach the upper station. The on-site installation should ensure that X4 must keep operating after the action, until it reaches the limit;
When going down for maintenance, X6 (L7) should act first, followed by X7 (L8). bit.
8. Monitor the hand-held operator, and monitor the door machine in-position input status through the monitoring menu. The in-position switch of the door machine is a normally closed point.
After the door is fully opened: HX0 and HX1 must be "*" and "-";
after the door is fully closed: HX0 , HX1 must be "-", "*".
9. When the elevator is in any position, enter the shaft self-learning menu, and turn to normal after confirmation. The elevator will automatically return to the lowest leveling floor, and then automatically measure the floor height at the speed of shaft self-learning. After reaching the top floor, it will automatically stop running, indicating Self-study is completed; if no fault is reported, it means that the study is successful.
10. When the express train reaches the door area, K10 and K11 on the door opening board of SM11-A must be closed in advance. The X14 (L15 light) on the main board is off, and the light is on when leaving the door area. Otherwise, 45 faults will be reported.
The point of X32 is set to the door bypass function. In the automatic state, X32 is generally set to the normally closed point. If the setting is incorrect, 54 fault will be reported.

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