STEP won four awards including "Motion Control User Satisfaction Brand of 2021", ending 2021 with great reputation!

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STEP won four awards including "Motion Control User Satisfaction Brand of 2021", ending 2021 with great reputation!

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From December 27th to 29th, "Our Golden Decade of Industrial Control - China Motion Control/Direct Drive Technology Industry Development Summit Forum and CMCD&CDDIA Annual Awards Ceremony" was held in Shenzhen. Mr. Cao Haixiao, head of the domestic servo of STEP's operation and control division, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the forum. At the same time, STEP won four heavyweight brand and product awards in one fell swoop, drawing a successful conclusion to 2021.


Cao Haixiao: STEP transportation control helps intelligent logistics

The topic of the speech by Cao Haixiao, the person in charge of the domestic servo of STEP Electric Co., Ltd. Operation and Control Division is "Intelligent Transmission Helps Intelligent Logistics". He pointed out that the innovation of intelligent solutions is subverting the traditional logistics transmission market. Automatic sorting machines are widely used in production logistics systems or logistics distribution centers in various industries, while complex mechanical structures are being replaced by intelligent mechatronic solutions . STEP-rich, high-performance variable frequency drives, servo drives, and robot products have found considerable use in the new logistics sorting market.


Cross-belt sorting and AGV sorting are suitable for the application of thin and small pieces. Cao Haixiao said that STEP Ω6 AC servo products can fully meet the requirements of the cross-belt sorter for high reliability, high dynamic performance and high overload capacity of the servo. The latest Amal (Amar) AGV launched by STEP is designed by a well-known domestic Trojan horse designer team. The design inspiration comes from the penguin of the "Ocean Boat". Hour.


Based on scenarios such as e-commerce and new retail, combined with various mature technologies, logistics and warehousing are gradually developing toward high-density warehousing without intermediate transportation channels. Cao Haixiao said bluntly that building a distributed transmission system through intelligent distributed frequency converters can effectively reduce the complexity of the logistics transportation system and save system costs. To this end, he shared the successful application experience of STEPS series distributed drive products and AS500/600 series inverters in conveying systems and common DC bus drive stackers.

Cao Haixiao also introduced the application results of STEP stacking/depalletizing robots in the logistics industry, "STEP robots have complete intellectual property rights, combined with 3D vision, can realize disorderly palletizing, and highly flexible customization is also the advantage of robots. One of the selling points is that in addition to the customization of vision, barcode, upper WMS, and HMI, the system can provide professional customization solutions, such as customizing low-profile robotic arms for sheet metal for the sheet metal industry, and customizing high-protection drive cabinets for high-dust environments. "

STEP won four awards





On December 28, the "2021 China Motion Control/Direct Drive Industry Development Summit Forum" award ceremony was also held in Bao'an, Shenzhen as scheduled. At the meeting, the list of winners of the CMCD/CDDIA 2021 Annual Awards was announced and awards were presented to commend servo, motion control /Excellent corporate brands, innovative technologies, products, and applications emerging in the direct drive field have made outstanding contributions to the industry and helped the industry flourish.
STEP won the three major brand awards of the 2021 motion control user satisfaction brand, the most competitive motion control brand, and the direct drive customer trust brand. At the same time, the five-axis linkage visual dispensing system DJ1600V4 was successfully awarded the annual motion control field. Innovative products.  


Main innovation points:
1. Combining two into one, unified interface of vision and dispensing process;
2. Single system with multiple stations, supporting simultaneous processing of 32 axes and four stations;
3. Adopting graphical drag-and-drop programming, easy to learn and use ;
4. Support auxiliary tasks and multi-camera simultaneous processing;
5. Support high-speed position synchronization output function of injection valve, with an accuracy of up to 1um.

Through years of hard work in the field of motion control, STEP has established a complete product system, including control, drive, and execution supporting products. Through the combination of these high-performance, high-reliability self-developed operation and control products, the solutions formulated are efficient, easy to operate and maintain, and have been favored by industries such as semiconductors, plastic drops, textile machinery, winding, and die-cutting. In 2016, the German scientific research center and the Chinese local technical team jointly created the internationally competitive Singliner brand servo drive products. STEP operation control brought the key technology of German drive control and integrated the concept of intelligent manufacturing in Chinese factories to provide users with the best drive control products. experience and solutions.

2021, which is about to pass, will be another fruitful and bright year for STEP Operations and Control, with continuous increase in innovation and remarkable achievements in market expansion. Singliner Ω6 AC servo, SC30 motion controller, visual dispensing control system and other new products have been released successively; K1 series servos have been successfully used in pharmaceutical production lines; the products have been successfully used in the professional production of automatic glove knitting machines, and began to be supplied to industry leaders in batches client……

In the future, STEP will continue to base itself on intelligent manufacturing, adhere to technological innovation centered on technology and products, provide more professional and efficient industry solutions, practice the "customer-centric" service concept, and gain continuous trust and support from customers , to jointly paint a bright future for the manufacturing industry.

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