Subdivision wins∣Wuta Company's first power tower welding robot is put into production

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-18 00:00

Subdivision wins∣Wuta Company's first power tower welding robot is put into production

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-18 00:00

Due to the large deviation of multi-variety and small batches and manual assembly, the welding of power towers has not been able to realize automation, which has troubled users for many years. In recent years, with welders becoming more and more expensive and young people unwilling to engage in arduous welding work, the exploration of automatic welding solutions in the power tower industry has never stopped.

STEP pays attention to the pain points of users, makes full use of the key technology of robots, and cooperates closely with users of power towers to launch a welding robot solution for power towers, which solves industry problems and has won praise from many users including Wuhan Tower Company. Industry experts said This is a major technological breakthrough in the power tower industry. Subsequent STEP will continue to focus on market segmentation, implement differentiated competitive strategies, and use robotics to help users create value.



The following is a tweet from the WeChat public account of China Power Construction Wuhan Tower Co., Ltd. The first automatic welding robot of Wuta Company was successfully put into production"

Recently, Wuta company's first automatic welding robot was successfully put into production, which is a major breakthrough made by Wuta company in the field of intelligent equipment technology application. After the official operation, it can realize 24-hour continuous operation, and the welding speed can reach up to 1200mm/min, which will greatly improve the production efficiency of Wuta Company and provide a strong guarantee for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises.



STEP Power Tower Welding Robot Workstation

The automatic welding robot optimizes the technical parameters of the intelligent equipment such as process and sequence, breaks the limitations caused by the complex and diverse welding structure of the iron tower, high work intensity and special environment, effectively improves the work efficiency and welding quality of the production workshop, and realizes the company's intelligent The upgrading and transformation of modern equipment is an important manifestation of the company's intelligent equipment application level in the field of iron tower welding.


STEP power tower welding workstation is welding


The workpiece welded by the STEP power tower welding robot workstation is firm and beautiful


In recent years, Wuta Company has attached great importance to the work related to intelligent production. Under the guidance of Hubei Equipment Company, it quickly established a production technology improvement working group, continuously increased research and development efforts, and studied the development trend of traditional energy and power equipment to the direction of intelligent Upgrade and transform, digitalize and intelligently update and transform the existing equipment and management methods, and select scientific research backbones and technical experts to enter the project team, actively carry out communication activities, etc., gradually accumulate innovative achievements, and lay a solid foundation for the research and development of intelligent welding equipment technology established a solid foundation.


The leaders of Wuta Company inspected the STEP power tower welding robot



In the next step, Wuta Company will take the opportunity of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and research and development of key technical parameters, continuously improve the intelligent level of welding equipment, do a good job in key technology breakthroughs and intellectual property reserves, and broaden the scope of intelligent welding. The scope of application of equipment ensures high-quality and high-standard completion of scientific research projects, comprehensively enhances the company's core competitiveness and innovation capabilities, and boosts the company's high-quality development with informatization and intelligent construction.

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