Intelligent system for tool polishing and grinding
Intelligent system for tool polishing and grinding

Applications:Hardware Knives

Keywords:Robot solutions

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Detailed introduction

The knives to be polished on site are ordinary knives in household kitchens, and the robots water-grind and draw the knife handles. The supporting equipment contains 6-axis robot, duplex grinding machine, water circulation system, workholding fixture, and intelligent control system. After loading, the robot clamps the knives and starts grinding according to the established trajectory, and then unloads the knives to the original position after grinding.

Technical Advantages:

1)The system is an automatic grinding and drawing system with robot as the core and flexible sanding machine. In the process of grinding and drawing, the system will automatically parametrically compensate for micro changes in parameters such as abrasive consumption and grinding strength to ensure the consistency of grinding and drawing.
2)The abrasive belt machine is equipped with a force-controlled mechanism, which is compatible with a certain dimensional deviation of the product to ensure grinding accuracy and consistency. It can also add auxiliary mechanisms (similar to automatic waxing mechanism, water grinding, etc.) or replace different grinding consumables, as well as increase or decrease the number of stations according to the product grinding and polishing process.
3) The dust generated from grinding and polishing can be isolated and collected by adding dust removal system (dust room, dust collector, etc.) to prevent harm to human body.


This workstation can be used to polish the tool shank part, which can meet a variety of tool shank types such as sandwich shank, plastic shank, metal injection, welded shank, etc. Polishing and drawing.