Comprehensive analysis of the STEP to reach the elevator cloud - intelligent audio and video system nine major functions
Comprehensive analysis of the STEP to reach the elevator cloud - intelligent audio and video system nine major functions


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Detailed introduction

With the development of IOT technology, the concept of intelligent elevator has gradually gained popularity, and the elevator IOT has gradually developed from basic data collection and analysis to the direction of intelligent audio and video. On-demand maintenance requires data collection and analysis at multiple levels, including basic data, audio and video data, and maintenance process data. In terms of passenger use, the requirements of convenient elevator ride, safe elevator ride and timely trapped rescue are also being gradually improved. In terms of intelligent interaction with elevators, the vertical traffic problems of service robots and logistics robots also need to be solved. To this end, STEP Elevator Cloud team has launched a complete set of elevator intelligent audio and video system.


Intelligent audio and video system function description.

01 The machine room 4G industrial gateway ESDT405 supports 4G or Ethernet Internet access, obtains elevator main control board data and uploads it to the elevator cloud platform through the communication line to realize elevator operation status monitoring and fault alarm. Its built-in lithium battery can determine the elevator's power outage status and report to the elevator cloud platform.

02 ESDT405 has 3 available LAN ports, which can provide network access for cabin intelligent IP cameras, and can be seamlessly extended if the machine room needs to install cameras (such as). If the machine room has wired network, ESDT405 can be replaced by Ethernet terminal ESDT200-ETH, and cooperate with the network switch to realize the gateway and the camera into the network.

03 Intelligent IP camera supports smooth video monitoring, local video storage and playback retrieval, audio intercom and other core functions.

04 Ordinary type intelligent IP camera also supports motion detection function, when the elevator failure stop elevator trapped, the motion detection function can provide the basis for the determination of trapped people, without additional human body sensor device.

05 Battery car identification type intelligent IP camera has the core function and motion detection function, but also supports battery car identification function, if you need this kind of application, you only need to use the camera in the car, the overall structure does not need to change.

06 ESDT405 has 2-channel signal acquisition input, which can be connected to the machine room intercom to get the alarm signal of the car alarm, so that passengers can take the initiative to call for help to the elevator cloud platform, and the rescue personnel can get the alarm information through the cell phone APP or web page, and open the video intercom of the elevator to realize video monitoring and intercom appeasement.

07 ESDT405, together with the elevator cloud platform, can realize the function of calling elevator by cell phone APP and scanning QR code, and can also provide the platform interface for service robot and logistics robot to interact with elevator.

08 Together with the elevator operation characteristics diagnostic instrument EOCD, the elevator vibration data can be uploaded to the elevator cloud platform and recorded into the elevator file as the historical vibration data of the elevator during each maintenance. On the one hand, the historical vibration data of a certain elevator can be analyzed and compared, and on the other hand, this data can be transmitted to the relevant local platform that has requirements for this.

09 When the elevator has not laid out the accompanying network line, a network transmitter can be added at the machine room end and the top of the car to realize the shaft network transmission through the accompanying 2-core backup line or the car lighting line to provide network for the car camera, and the architecture diagram is shown in Figure 1. When the elevator has already laid out the accompanying network cable, no network transmitter is needed, and the architecture diagram is shown in Fig. 2.

Figure 1 Architecture diagram of the unlayout scenario of the accompanying network cable

Figure 2 The accompanying network line has been laid out scene architecture diagram