Agile and flexible configuration! New Systech Winding Operation Control Solution
Agile and flexible configuration! New Systech Winding Operation Control Solution



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Detailed introduction

Winding, that is, winding wire-like objects to a specific workpiece on the machine.

In recent years, the automatic wire winding machine has developed rapidly. In order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high output, the automatic machine type generally adopts multi-head linkage design, and the new Sida Transport Control adopts motion controller and servo system as the control core of the equipment, together with robot, pneumatic control elements and execution accessories to complete the functions of automatic wire arrangement, automatic foot winding, automatic wire cutting and automatic skeleton loading and unloading.

This model has high production efficiency, greatly reduces the reliance on manual labor, and the production quality is more stable, which is ideal for processing occasions with high output requirements.

As shown in Figure 1, we have developed various solutions for fully automatic winding machine, such as: U-shaped structure type winding machine, 8-axis hollow structure type winding machine, self-adhesive hollow coil winding machine, double-needle brushless stator coil winding machine, double flying fork winding machine, etc.

Double fork winding machine

The typical winding structure of double flying fork winding machine is shown in Figure 2, which is divided into 3 rotating axes: left flying fork axis, right flying fork axis and rotating axis. 3 axes are driven by motor + timing belt.


■Left and right flying fork axes:Used to drive the copper wire in circular motion and wind the copper wire around the iron core;

■Rotary axis:Used to drive the core to rotate at a fixed angle and turn the slot to be wound to the position where the fork shaft can be wound;

Internal winding type winding machine

The process of internal winding machine is mainly divided into feeding, winding, arranging, peeling, melting tin, spot welding:

Figure 3 Winding process flow


■ Loading process:The coils to be used, etc. are mounted on specific abrasives to facilitate automatic wire pulling during the winding process;

■ Winding action:Mainly fixed winding according to the shape of the mold;

■ Wiring and winding action:The two core actions of the entire machine, the completion of winding will involve lining up the wire;

■ Peeling process:Strip the enameled wire at the end of the line (usually with a stripping machine or laser paint stripping);

■Fusion tin action:Prepare for spot welding later;

■ Spot welding process:Spot welding for coil joints


Sinostar Winding System Solution

The new Timeless transport control winding machine solution supports multi-station simultaneous action. By setting the processing process class parameters through the control software, the servo system responds to the controller's motion planning instructions, the rotary axis is precisely positioned, and the flying fork axis quickly rotates to wind the copper wire on the iron core to be processed. While winding the coil, the loading and unloading, and peeling the lacquer skin action are carried out through sub-programs, avoiding the traditional single operation mode and favorably improving the efficiency of the machine.

Fig. 4 Winding machine control software interface


NewSky winding machine solution mainly consists of motion controller, servo driver, servo motor, HMI, expansion IO, hand pulse generator, etc. You can choose bus or pulse control and 4-axis, 6-axis, 8-axis multi-set solutions, expansion IO can be added as needed.

The system topology is shown below:

Fig. 5 Topology of Sinostar Transport Control Winding Machine Solution

The control core of this solution consists of the SC motion controller and the Sigriner Ω6s series AC servo system.

Application Advantages

Integrated process program, rich instructions, easy programming

The number of axes can be selected according to the actual process needed; rich instructions, provide secondary programming, easy to dock different processing products, provide file form management, support 40 file archives, can ensure to a greater extent the principle of multiple use of one machine; parameter setting simplicity, no need to memorize numerous parameters? and search for settings according to key information.

Bus control, stable operation, high efficiency, accurate

Optional bus control solution, multi-axis to achieve differential complementary motion mode, to ensure smooth operation while increasing productivity by 20% over traditional control methods, avoiding the possibility of losing pulses by traditional PLC, while matching vision for inspection to ensure accuracy of ±0.1mm or higher.

Servo system self-tuning, de-resonance

Sigriner Sigriner has customized a set of servo system parameters to match the winding molding process after long-term testing and summarizing. The newly developed auto-tuning function of Omega 6s series servo without debugging allows customers to unknowingly complete the optimization of performance during use, while its self-adaptive filtering function can automatically suppress the mechanical resonance generated in the process of movement. At the same time, its self-adaptive filtering function can automatically suppress the mechanical resonance situation during the motion. The processing results are shown below, reaching the ideal demand of customers.


Program Summary

The products are widely used in general industrial control applications. In addition to the application effect of the winding machine solution shared this time, they have also been well received in industrial robotics, engraving machines, laser cutting, packaging, dispensing and other fields. In addition to the application effect of the winding machine solution shared this time has been recognized by customers, but also in industrial robotics, engraving machine, laser cutting, packaging, dispensing and other fields have received good application effect and consistent user praise. It can successfully help users to solve many problems such as complex solutions and high maintenance cost, which reflects the high performance and high reliability of NewSky's products.

The above products are the value presentation of innovation-driven and high-quality development. With the core of motion control and integration of related interface equipment, the Motion Control Division provides total automation control solutions to meet the needs of customers in various industries to improve quality, expand capacity and reduce costs.