Servo System Woodworking Engraving Machine Solution
Servo System Woodworking Engraving Machine Solution

Applications:Servo System K Series

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Detailed introduction

Wood carving machine is a kind of mechanical carving machine, used in furniture decoration, musical instrument industry, wooden craft industry, large area plate plane carving, solid wood furniture, solid wood art mural, cabinet window door, screen carving, etc. Wood carving machine by the computer, wood carving machine controller, wood carving machine host three parts. Working principle: through the computer within the configuration of special carving software will be converted into graphics files can control the processing machinery action signal, and the information will be transmitted to the wood carving machine controller, and then the controller to convert this information into a signal that can drive the motor (position command pulse string), control the wood carving machine to generate the movement path of the axis. At the same time, the carving machine on the high-speed rotating carving head (spindle), through the tool to cut the processing material fixed on the table, you can carve out in the computer design of a variety of flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and text, to achieve carving automation operations. The emergence of wood carving machine carving from the outline to repair light can be automatically completed by the carving machine, greatly reducing the carving time, multi-head wood carving machine is able to process multiple wood at the same time, greatly reducing the manual workload and improve efficiency.




I. Technical requirements

The system is composed of four sets of two-axis servo drives and servo motors plus a machine, eight sets of spindle inverters and motors, and a computer control system. The following diagram:


Role of each axis:

X, Y axis:Horizontal linear motion, direct connection between motor and screw;

Z-axis:Vertical movement, motor with holding brake directly connected to the screw;

A-axis:Tandem eight reducers, drive the wood to do rotational movement, after processing one face flip to another face to continue processing, with the other three axes can complete three-dimensional processing.




II. System construction

The servo driver works in position mode, the host computer sends position commands to the servo driver through the pulse control card, and the servo driver drives the motor to run according to the given command signal.


Related parameter settings:

The position, speed and current can be observed by the upper computer, so that the waveform of command and feedback can be truly observed, which is convenient for users to debug and apply.

(1) Speed gain adjustment

For commands from the upper system, the drive needs to drive the motor as promptly and precisely as possible in accordance with the command. Gain adjustment is performed to bring the motor action closer to the command.

(2) Electronic gear ratio setting

Take Z-axis as an example, after tapping to go up the target value of 10㎝, measure the actual value with a tape measure, and the inverse of the ratio of the target value to the actual value is the electronic gear ratio.

(3) Position gain adjustment

Generally the default position ring gain can meet the needs of the engraving machine, if the engraving quality is not smooth, you can increase the position command filter.

Third, the application of Zhishan servo debugging 

Zhishan K series servo supports two-axis drive, up to 23-bit absolute encoder, built-in a variety of bus interfaces, with high-speed response, accurate positioning, short set-up time, smooth operation and other advantages, high-speed processing machine basically no vibration, no burr and knife marks after the completion of processing, carving shape clear and accurate by the wood carving machine customers great recognition.

The following picture is the finished product processed by Zhishan K series servo.