Do you still have doubts about the "black technology" elevator cloud? Here is the answer!

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-20 00:00

Do you still have doubts about the "black technology" elevator cloud? Here is the answer!

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-20 00:00

  Q1 Can the parts authentication function of Elevator Cloud manage and trace the whole life cycle of parts?


  A The elevator cloud platform will record the factory information of elevator accessories, the opening of on-site certification, and the replacement information of accessories. Through the accessory certification, it is possible to accurately track and record which elevator a certain accessory is bound to. During the whole life cycle of this elevator from the completion of installation acceptance to the completion of its mission, the management of accessories is controllable and the traceability of accessories All data are available.





  Q2 The entire elevator factory has its own cloud platform, how to use the accessory authentication function, and what is the principle?


  A STEPEMES system can be connected with the customer cloud platform, and the STEPEMES system can push the electronic ID number (eID) and barcode information of the accessory board to the customer cloud platform during delivery. The STEP key server connects with the customer cloud platform through the STEP key firewall. When authenticating the on-site main control and accessory boards, the customer cloud platform completes the data encryption and decryption operations by calling the interface of the STEP elevator cloud platform, and passes the accessories The authentication path authenticates the on-site main control and accessory boards.


  Q3 The user's elevator adopts the agent mechanism. Can the agent be authorized for accessory certification?


  A The elevator cloud component certification is technically implemented in software, which is flexible enough. The customer of the whole elevator has the initiative to open, and through the distribution of account rights, he can authorize the sub-account and accessories certification to the agent.


  Q4 Is there any risk of binding and locking when using STEP accessory certification?


  The accessory authentication function of A STEP Elevator Cloud is realized by software, which has sufficient flexibility. It is not enabled by default at the factory, and the initiative to enable it is in the hands of the entire elevator customer or its authorized agent.


  Q5 Regarding the accessory authentication function, SMS authentication is required, so what authentication method is used for overseas users?


  A When using the Elevator Cloud APP for accessory authentication, in order to further ensure safety, verification operations are required. In China, the registered user's mobile phone number is used for verification. For overseas, the user management module of the platform can be set as the email verification method, and the verification code will be sent to the designated mailbox in the form of email.


  Q6 Can EOCD data be sent to the platform of the user company?


  After A EOCD is collected, the STEP elevator cloud service team can assist in transmitting the vibration data to the customer APP and cloud platform. For the vibration data cloud computing processing module, our platform can establish a calling interface with the customer cloud platform, and the customer cloud platform can call our The company's cloud computing processing module realizes the processing and analysis of vibration data, and presents the processing and analysis results on the customer cloud platform.




  Q7 Can EOCD replace PMT? Is there any third-party test report?


  A Portable EOCD is comparable to PMT in terms of vibration data collection and analysis, and is easy to carry and use. It can provide third-party testing and calibration reports. For related information, please refer to the elevator cloud product information at the end of the article.


  Q8 Elevator Cloud EOCD is fixed on the elevator, what are the requirements for installation?


  A EOCD is divided into portable and car top integrated. The portable EOCD has its own counterweight and stability feedback. You only need to place it stably in the center of the elevator car, and perform the test according to the instructions or demonstration video requirements. For the car top integrated EOCD, it can be integrated in the car top inspection box or at a suitable position on the car top, and cooperate with the elevator cloud terminal in the machine room to realize on-demand and regular collection of vibration data and upload it to the cloud platform elevator file. The instructions for use of the car top integrated EOCD system will be improved in the future, so stay tuned.


  Q9 Does the content displayed on the monitoring wall support customization? Can you help us build a monitoring wall?


  A The monitoring wall is part of the elevator cloud platform. On the basis of displaying existing content, different styles and display content can be designed according to customer requirements.




  Q10 Has the Elevator Cloud Wireless Converter, which is easy to carry and debug, been put on the market?


  A The wireless converter (Bluetooth module) required for elevator cloud accessories certification and wireless debugging has been mass-produced and put on the market. You can leave a message in the background or contact our salesperson for consultation.


  Q11 What is the difference between Elevator Cloud and the original Star Internet of Things?


  A The original Star Internet of Things platform is now unified into the STEP elevator cloud platform, which includes and enriches the functions of the original Star Internet of Things. The current elevator cloud platform integrates core functions such as accessory certification, EOCD, and monitoring walls. At the same time, its Internet of Things functions integrate elevator real-time status monitoring, fault alarms, paperless Elevators, government data docking, etc. The integration of multiple functions of the STEP elevator cloud platform can facilitate targeted use by customers with different roles.




  Q12 Can Elevator Cloud guide elevator maintenance?


  A The Elevator Cloud EOCD can detect the vibration curve that reflects the elevator operation status and form an analysis report. Combined with the elevator operation data collected by the Elevator Cloud Internet of Things terminal, it can reflect the abnormal problems of the elevator and inform the maintenance personnel, which is convenient for guiding maintenance.


  Q13 The IC card, ARD, and multimedia used by our company are not owned by your company. Can they be connected to your cloud management platform?


  A STEP elevator cloud posture is open, and all communication-type accessories incorporated into the STEP control system have the basic conditions to integrate into the elevator cloud. The parts authentication algorithm is portable, and STEP Elevator Cloud is very willing to cooperate with you to expand the coverage of Elevator Cloud and provide better guarantee for the safe operation of elevators.


  Q14 Can the elevator cloud platform be connected to the local government platform?


  A STEP elevator cloud team actively participates in the formulation of national standards, association standards and local standards related to the elevator Internet of Things. At present, the government platforms of Shanghai, Chongqing, Liaoning Provincial Bureau, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Huzhou, Jinhua, Jiaxing, Putian, Longyan, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Wuxi, Guangxi Beihai and other places have been completed, and provided in the elevator cloud product information Docking operation instruction file. STEP Elevator Cloud will continue to track the introduction of local policies and actively respond to docking.



  Q15 Can elevator cloud-related products be used overseas?


  A STEP elevator cloud-related products can serve overseas customers, and the cloud platform and APP English version have been upgraded. For customers using local servers, the relevant functions of the STEP elevator cloud platform can be quickly transplanted and support customization.


  Q16 Can the elevator cloud platform provide an elevator ride interface for service robots?


  A STEP elevator cloud platform can provide a standard API interface for robot elevators using the STEP control system. Welcome to leave a message for consultation.


  Q17 How to install the elevator cloud system and how much does it cost?


  A Elevator Cloud includes three core functions and Internet of Things-related functions. For specific installation and usage methods, please refer to the Elevator Cloud product information at the end of the article. For related costs, please contact our sales quotation according to different options.


  Q18 After the vibration data is sent to the cloud platform, is it considered to provide predictive maintenance services in combination with elevator operation data and other information?


  A This is a very forward-looking question. The post-warning mechanism for elevators in the industry is basically mature, but the problem of pre-warning, that is, predictive maintenance, is still a difficult problem. STEP Elevator Cloud has been thinking about this problem. STEP Elevator Cloud is integrating the elevator vibration data collected by EOCD, the elevator operation data collected by smart terminals, and the working frequency or service life data of elevator accessories, etc., establishing a database and researching related algorithms, aiming to form a predictive judgment mechanism for potential safety hazards, so as to achieve Be forewarned.


  Q19 Regarding the big data fault warning function mentioned by many manufacturers, as far as the current industry development is concerned, no one really talks about digging out the value of big data and reducing the failure rate of elevators. I don’t know about this. Do you think the future development direction of the elevator Internet of Things? how?


  A It is one of the trends in the development of elevators to fully collect and analyze relevant data of elevators, so as to realize functions such as fault warning. The development of the Internet of Things has made the collection and transmission of elevator data easier and easier, but the analysis after data collection is the next focus and difficulty, which is also our current key research direction. STEP elevator cloud combines the advantages of its own control system development, combined with elevator operation data, vibration data, parts database and other information, and is committed to building a predictive maintenance system with failure early warning as the core.


  Q20 Are the functions of accessory authentication, EOCD, and wireless debugging integrated in a set of APP, and how to download and use the APP?


  A STEP Elevator Cloud APP is a service-oriented APP with integrated functions. It not only integrates core functions such as accessory certification and EOCD function, but also integrates wireless debugging, mobile phone call elevator, operation monitoring, fault alarm, paperless maintenance, etc. Function. The functions of the STEP Elevator Cloud APP are still being gradually enriched. On the basis of meeting the user's standard functions, it also supports APP function customization and transplantation. You can scan the QR code at the end of the article to download the Elevator Cloud APP. Both Android and Apple systems are supported. For related usage methods, please refer to the Elevator Cloud product information.


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