The epidemic is isolated, industrial control has me! STEP won the Industrial Control Award for the fifth time

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-18 00:00

The epidemic is isolated, industrial control has me! STEP won the Industrial Control Award for the fifth time

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-18 00:00

A few days ago, the 20th annual selection of automation and digitalization hosted by Gongkong.com was announced. STEP lived up to expectations and won two awards with its innovative business philosophy, excellent product performance, and efficient solutions:



Award Details


Applied Innovation Award

STEP Inverter Boosts Coal Mine Belt Conveyor

Master-slave control for remote debugging

Leader of the Year

Management Innovation Award

Jin Xinhai

Deputy General Manager of STEP

General Manager of Variable Frequency Drive System Division


1. Product Application Innovation Award


The epidemic has reappeared, everywhere is sealed off, and everyone is checked. As the soul and brain of the industry, industrial control has ways to maintain the normal operation of the industry.


The successful completion of the commissioning of complex projects against the epidemic in a long-distance manner, fully demonstrates the excellent professional capabilities of STEP Iron Army and the user-friendliness and ease of use of STEP products. For this reason, STEP won the Application Innovation Award.



The "STEP frequency converter assists the master-slave control of coal mine belt conveyor to realize remote debugging" project. The remote belt conveyor spanning several kilometers is mostly used in coal mines, cement, building materials and other industries. Belt conveyors with multiple driving points and lower transport have frequency conversion application load distribution. The complexity of its application is unprecedented.

    2. Leaders of the Year Award In 2021, under the epidemic situation, there will be a large area of ​​missing parts, rising raw materials, and power cuts, which will bring many difficulties to the production, operation and management of the manufacturing industry. In the face of unprecedented challenges, Dr. Jin Xinhai, deputy general manager of STEP, made a prudent layout and calmly faced the challenge.  

√ He gave full play to the advantages of his own powerful CNAS laboratory, and vigorously strengthened and stabilized the supply chain;


√ Utilize the IPD scientific decision-making process to promote the research and development of special marketable products such as D150 small discharge pump controller, AS500H high protection inverter, M210-A mini inverter;


√ Pay attention to the R&D and innovation of the four major platforms, so that the requirements of different customers and industries can be quickly implemented, and create a new road of exclusive use of special planes and import substitution;


√ As a comprehensive manager, he united his knowledge and practice with his own actions, and led the team to brave the Gobi Desert and win the company's crown. This highly self-disciplined and energetic iron army has allowed STEP inverters to dance against the wind in the industrial control market and create new achievements. success.


Under his leadership, the STEP frequency conversion iron army is overcoming all difficulties, cutting through the barriers and seizing the passes with ease, and united with one heart and one road with pride.


It is worth mentioning that this is the fifth consecutive time that STEP has won the annual leader award. We firmly believe that under the leadership of Dr. Jin Xinhai, the STEP variable frequency drive team will adhere to the "customer-centric" service concept, with innovative business models and ambitious development goals, in the wave of fierce market competition, set sail to compete Hair, stand bravely at the head of the tide!




Annual Leader Management Innovation Award

Dr. Jin Xinhai, deputy general manager of STEP


This year's selection is hosted by Gongkong.com, the largest website in the industrial control industry. Due to the epidemic, the award ceremony originally scheduled to be held at the CAIMRS Annual Meeting on March 23 will be postponed.


The selection process combines user voting, market research, big data analysis, and expert selection to obtain a comprehensive result. It is an annual summary of the industry with a long history, wide audience, open process and fair results. It is a classic award for selecting, recording, disseminating and driving the growth and development of Chinese manufacturing for the entire industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing.


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