STEP won the "Digital Manufacturing Comprehensive Strength Excellence Award"

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-14 00:00

STEP won the "Digital Manufacturing Comprehensive Strength Excellence Award"

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-14 00:00

On March 2, the "Third High-end Manufacturing CIO Shanghai Forum" was hosted by WRE Digital and supported by China Energy Research Society Information and Communication Committee, Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineering, and Shanghai Transportation Research Center The curtain came to a successful conclusion. With the theme of "digital twin integration development", the forum focused on the achievements of the informatization construction of the manufacturing industry during the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the development direction of informatization during the "14th Five-Year Plan". At the same time, the special "Innovation Award" of the forum was also grandly announced. STEP was awarded the honorary title of "Digital Manufacturing Comprehensive Strength Excellence Award" for its active exploration and achievements in digital manufacturing.




Picture/Award Ceremony (the sixth from the left is the representative of STEP winners)




Figure/"Digital Manufacturing Comprehensive Strength Excellence Award" trophy


As a leading company in the field of intelligent manufacturing, behind the "strength debut" of STEP's industrial automation components and robot products is the heavy responsibility of digital manufacturing, and the application scenarios of various technology integration are ubiquitous. Intelligent assembly lines such as STEP drive and control all-in-one machines and G9000 elevator control cabinets adopt end-to-end digital production lines, which are Industry 4.0 lines. Each process in the assembly can be checked and controlled, and all data is stored in the factory MES. The flexible empowerment of robots has improved Production efficiency and product quality; Shanghai STEP robot super factory is developed and integrated by STEP itself, and uses large-scale application of leading manufacturing technology to realize the intelligence and digitalization of the whole manufacturing process.








Figure/STEP drive control integrated machine digital production line


Wu Yuhui, director and general manager of STEP, explained the implementation path of STEP digital strategy in this way: develop industrial robot simulation software, establish product model libraries such as STEP robots, controllers, and servos, through efficient product design, supply chain collaboration, virtual assembly and debugging, and equipment health Management, digital process manufacturing platform, factory life cycle technical support and other means, use MES to open up various systems, build a company's digital ecosystem, realize digital docking with customer systems, and deepen the application of digital twin technology in manufacturing factories.


At present, STEP is committed to actively using digital twin technology to promote the implementation of intelligent manufacturing. Through the application of 3D laser scanning, the establishment of CAVE laboratories, and the use of advanced technologies such as digital cloud platforms, STEP verifies the manufacturability of products from virtual assembly, improves the pass rate of one-time assembly, saves R&D time, and optimizes production plans to promote lean production and realize Improve factory production capacity and alleviate logistics congestion; from offline programming, virtual debugging, realize robot equipment collaboration, greatly shorten production line debugging cycle, reduce downtime, to virtual and real linkage of on-site equipment, use digital twin technology, through digital world simulation, optimize Physical space layout improves efficiency and reduces resource consumption.


 The "Wisdom Innovation Award" award is discussed and selected by the review committee composed of professionals from industry associations, media, consulting companies, conference executive committees and other institutions. After review and voting, the final list of annual winners will be produced. And release and recommend to the industry and society through event platforms and media.


Winning this award this time comprehensively reflects the strength of STEP in the field of digital manufacturing. In the future, STEP will actively respond to the national call for green, environmental protection, and digital technology development, continue to play a leading role in the benchmarking of intelligent manufacturing, consolidate its own digital foundation for intelligent manufacturing, and promote the acceleration of intelligent transformation, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises.


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