Amar robot settled in Yueyuan International Hotel in Ningguo City, Anhui

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-24 09:37

Amar robot settled in Yueyuan International Hotel in Ningguo City, Anhui

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  • Time of issue:2022-02-24 09:37

  Recently, Amar robot came to Ningguo City, Anhui Province and settled in Yueyuan International Hotel, injecting technological power into this magnificent landmark hotel, adding a safe and comfortable intelligent service.




  "Yueyuan" service ushered in a smart upgrade


  Yueyuan International Hotel is located in the prosperous area of ​​Ningguo City, Anhui Province. It is a comprehensive high-star hotel integrating catering, accommodation, conferences, leisure and entertainment. The total construction area is more than 20,000 square meters. City cover. Since its soft opening on January 11, 2019, it has been well received for providing guests with a comfortable and considerate experience with its gorgeous design concept and distinguished "Yueyuan-style" service. Today, with the arrival of Amar robots, the service quality of the hotel has been "smartly upgraded" again. From welcome, publicity, guidance to delivery, every service link of the hotel has ushered in innovation.


  The introduction of Amar robots stems from multiple considerations


  According to reports, the hotel has made various considerations for the introduction of the Amar robot: First, under the wave of intelligentization in the industry, the technological transformation of hotels is imperative. As a city landmark hotel, Yueyuan International Hotel must Keep up with the trend and not lag behind; second, the hotel needs to inject highlights into the "Yueyuan-style" service. The entry of the Amar robot can help the hotel extend high-quality services in the hotel through technological means; third, in the post-epidemic era, Amar Marr robot contactless delivery can not only make guests feel convenient and at ease, but also improve the efficiency of hotel operations.


  Powerful core functions, creating value with technology


  As a new employee of Yueyuan International Hotel, the Amar robot is here to give full play to its rich talents and endow the hotel with new "wisdom". You can meet the Amar robot in the hotel lobby, corridors, guest room areas and other areas. When the guests arrive, the Amar robot will take the initiative to greet and guide the guests to the designated room, replacing the traditional welcome waiter; she can also help deliver food , and helping the room attendant to deliver six small items, flowers, cakes and other items, all kinds of errands can be handled freely, and the self-disinfection after the delivery is completed, which perfectly realizes the zero-contact security service.




  She can take the elevator up and down the stairs by herself. Relying on the advantages of STEP elevator control technology, she can seamlessly connect with the elevator, realize the linkage of multiple robots, and the scheduling of multiple elevators. The travel route set in advance allows her to know the hotel space well. The sensor navigation system allows her to easily avoid obstacles. Her small and nimble body is busy shuttling between the guest room area and the lobby every day, as if she is an all-around player.



  △ Shuttle busily in various areas of the hotel


  With the blessing of Amar robot intelligent service, the service quality and operational efficiency of Yueyuan International Hotel have been upgraded again, and at the same time, it has also brought guests a fresh accommodation experience. The new city cover of Yueyuan International Hotel is more shining Bright!

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