"Smart elevator" has become the darling of the market, how much black technology does it contain?

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-01 00:00

"Smart elevator" has become the darling of the market, how much black technology does it contain?

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-01 00:00

  With the rapid development of cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, "smart elevators" have been widely mentioned in recent years. Shanghai puts forward requirements for smart elevator monitoring terminal technology and related platform functions, Chongqing puts forward a smart elevator system safety evaluation plan, and Wuxi introduces smart elevator Internet of Things technical specifications, etc. More and more local regulatory agencies, elevator manufacturers, elevator users and other roles are paying attention to smart elevators. As a leading elevator component manufacturer, STEP combines years of technical research and practical experience to launch the Elevator Cloud, which can help the rapid development of smart elevators and play an important role in achieving a safe and healthy elevator ecological chain.


  1 Improve the safe operation quality of elevators and ensure the safety of passengers on elevators


  The smart elevator should be able to monitor the operation of the elevator, and first of all, it should be able to alarm in real time. At the same time, the nominal number of working times and service life of elevator accessories should be able to establish a database, comprehensive elevator operation, vibration and other data, to form a predictive judgment mechanism for potential safety hazards, and to achieve early warning. In addition, smart elevators should be able to manage the entire life cycle of accessories, and record their relevant data to the cloud platform through the authentication and binding of accessories.




  ☆ The parts authentication function of STEP Elevator Cloud can realize the effective management and control of elevator parts, and ensure the quality and reliable source of parts.




  ☆ Elevator operating characteristics diagnostic device (EOCD) and elevator cloud terminal cooperate with elevator cloud platform to establish an elevator operation database, and realize early warning of elevator safety hazards through cloud platform algorithms.


  2 Create convenience for property management


  Smart elevators should be able to help property management companies grasp elevator operation information and elevator maintenance conditions, and provide owners with safe elevator operation guarantees; they should be able to help property management companies establish a good reputation for service and reduce passenger complaints; they should be able to provide reports on elevator health The data provides data support for the property management company and the insurance company to successfully sign an insurance contract. STEP Elevator Cloud can ensure the safe and reliable operation of elevators and form convincing data, ensure low or no failure rate of elevators, and improve the level of property service.


  3 Reduce the difficulty of supervision for the Quality Supervision Bureau


  Smart elevators should be able to help the Bureau of Quality Supervision improve the speed and accuracy of elevator data traceability, so that there is data to rely on for liability determination. At the same time, smart elevators should be committed to creating a pure operating condition for elevators and reducing the difficulty of supervision for the Quality Supervision Bureau. STEP Elevator Cloud effectively monitors the safe operation of elevators and forms valuable elevator operation data, which provides support for the data traceability of the Quality Supervision Bureau; parts certification can create good operating conditions for elevators and prevent inferior parts from polluting elevators. In addition, EOCD can greatly reduce elevator failures In this way, the occurrence of vicious accidents such as personal injury and death can be prevented to the greatest extent.


  4 Improving the timeliness of elevator maintenance and improving the quality of maintenance


  Smart elevators should be able to accurately obtain elevator operation data, and judge the "health" of elevators at the first time. Through cloud platform expert analysis technology, maintenance projects and parts replacement strategies can be arranged in a targeted manner to improve the quality and efficiency of each maintenance. The EOCD of the STEP elevator cloud and the elevator cloud terminal can effectively obtain elevator operation data, and judge the health of the elevator through cloud computing technology, which brings convenience to elevator maintenance; the parts authentication function can help establish parts replacement strategies to achieve efficient maintenance.


  5 Improve user experience and serve users' lives


  Smart elevators should be able to effectively improve user experience. AI technology has been applied in the elevator industry, but it still needs to be improved in terms of actually serving users' lives. Smart elevators can be considered to provide users with a home-service experience, such as the linkage between elevator interaction and smart home, and robots taking elevators to collect household garbage.



  ☆ STEPAmal Robot is seamlessly connected with the elevator to realize the linkage of multiple robots and the scheduling of multiple elevators. Combining the elevator cloud terminal and platform technology, the application scenarios of Amal robots will gradually expand.


  6 Accurately identify trapped people and ensure rapid rescue


  Accurate determination of a person trapped in an elevator is a difficult problem. It is necessary to consider the determination after a power failure of the elevator, the determination of people fainting and other situations without dynamic input, and the trade-off between cost and performance must also be considered. Accurate judgment of elevator failure stop is a prerequisite, and it is necessary to comprehensively consider the advantages and disadvantages of technologies such as AI, infrared sensing, and millimeter wave sensing to provide the most cost-effective solution.




  ☆ STEP Elevator Cloud will soon launch a smart AI system, which can give priority to providing detection functions such as people counting, electric vehicles, door blocking, people, carrying tempered bottles, and fainting. For detection functions such as door opening, jumping, hitting car walls, smoke, open flames, etc., it has entered the final sprint stage of research.


  7 Blockchain technology securely shares data


  A lot of data will be generated throughout the life cycle of the elevator, and the sharing of data between different roles and the issue of data credibility are issues that the elevator industry should consider. The decentralization, non-tamperability and traceability of the blockchain system are conducive to the realization of trusted management of elevator life cycle data, distributed secure storage of data, and precise access control of data, providing security for the construction of an elevator ecological chain. The STEP elevator cloud adopts military-grade blockchain encryption technology and has a digital currency security level, which can protect encrypted data from being tampered with or intercepted during transmission.

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