Resumption of work and production - China Central Radio and Television entered the STEP production line

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  • Time of issue:2022-05-31 00:00

Resumption of work and production - China Central Radio and Television entered the STEP production line

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On May 8, 2022, the reporting team of China Central Radio and Television made a special trip to STEP. By walking into the factory workshop and going deep into the front line of the grassroots, it took the audience to experience closely the resumption of work in STEP under the requirements of the central government's overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Resumption of production scenarios and the mission to ensure the stability of the industrial chain. The recent report, with the theme of "Shanghai Steadily Promoting Resumption of Work and Production", was broadcast simultaneously on media platforms such as CNR Economic Voice "World Finance", China Voice "News Aspect", CNR.com, and CCTV Finance and Economics. The attention and viewing effect exceeded expectations. The following is the original report:


CNR Economic Voice "World Finance" reported that STEP promotes the resumption of work and production——


The Voice of the Economy has learned that under the premise of strictly implementing various epidemic prevention and control measures, the resumption of work, production and market in Shanghai is also progressing steadily. Come and listen to the reports of the headquarter reporters Liu Baixuan and Yang Jing.


As one of the enterprises approved by Shanghai to resume work and production, Shanghai STEP Electric currently has nearly 600 employees in the factory, including more than 400 front-line workers, and its production capacity has basically returned to 60% of the normal period . Wu Yuhui, the relevant person in charge of the company, said: "Inside the company, we think it is not easy to form a safe production area with nearly 600 people, so we strictly implement the principle of only going out and not entering , and entering the factory must go through 5 jobs. closure of the day."


At present, enterprises are still facing supply chain shortages. Wu Yuhui told reporters that the Shanghai factory has formed linkages with Hangzhou and Suzhou factories. With the improvement of the epidemic situation, the shortage of logistics resources is improving .


"We concentrate all incoming and outgoing materials outside of Shanghai in the Hangzhou factory or Suzhou factory, and distribute them to the north and south. In this way, we have found a logistics company in every possible way, forming a two-point and one-line, and now the entire logistics is improving."



During the STEP reporting visit, the China Central Radio and Television reporting team focused on the story of STEP's efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, and solve the problems of logistics, supply, and employee return to the factory, meticulously provide logistical support, and actively resume work and production.



In STEP, reporters from the main station visited the "Internet celebrity factory" - Shanghai STEP robot super factory, and got a taste of the leading robot manufacturing robot production line in China . Wu Yuhui, the general manager of STEP, told the headquarter reporter that STEP adheres to the strategy of "matching imports and surpassing imports". Technological breakthroughs have been made in the field of high-level algorithms for robot dynamics. The performance of welding robots, palletizing robots, and SCARA robots has kept pace with international first-line brands, and has achieved market leadership in 3C, metal processing, packaging, and lithium batteries.



STEP robot manufacturing robot production line


Wu Yuhui also introduced STEP to build a robot training base in Shanghai and Amar's use of technology to help prevent and control the epidemic . He said that STEP has always been the business purpose of repaying the society with science and technology and fulfilling the responsibility of public welfare. Not long ago, in order to give back to the territory, STEP also donated 1 million yuan to Jiading District for epidemic prevention and relief and other work.



STEP Amar robot disinfecting operation


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, STEP has been closely following the government's policy direction, giving full play to the leading demonstration role of leading enterprises in intelligent manufacturing, demonstrating the hard core strength of enterprise technology in helping the fight against the epidemic, and contributing wisdom to high-quality economic and social development. Wu Yuhui said that STEP will further strengthen its confidence in "overcoming the epidemic and seeking development" . All employees will cheer up their spirits, work hard, actively adapt to market changes with pride, prepare enough "food and grass", practice hard "internal skills", turn crises into opportunities while seeking innovation and change, and unswervingly complete the annual development goals.

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