2022 City-level teacher STEP practical activity expert mid-term summary meeting

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-05 00:00

2022 City-level teacher STEP practical activity expert mid-term summary meeting

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  • Time of issue:2022-09-05 00:00

On August 18, 2022, Wang Ligang, the leader of the inspection team of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Wang He, the principal of Shanghai Information Technology School, visited the STEP robot super factory. Communicate face-to-face with STEP's "teacher" and summarize insights. Mr. Zhou Guangxing, the general manager of STEP Robotics, led the staff to welcome the delegation and attended the meeting to speak.


Schools are the cradle of talents, and enterprises are the positions of talents. There has always been a gap in time between teaching and learning: when learning, there is no immediate practical application, but once you enter the work, there is confusion, and the time to learn has passed. Today, this chronological gap has been easily broken by the spear of cooperation and wisdom. On the one hand, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission encourages teachers to enter enterprises and actively create opportunities for practice. On the other hand, the open, inclusive and ambitious STEP school has the grand purpose of giving back to the industry and vocational education since its establishment. Therefore, there is a sincere cooperation between a team of teachers who are sincere in their studies and an enterprise that is realistic and innovative.



The meeting was presided over by teacher Shi Kangli from Shanghai Information Technology School. Mr. Zhou Guangxing welcomed the leaders of the Education Committee to visit and expressed STEP's support and enthusiasm for teachers' practical activities. The leaders of the Education Committee also expressed their gratitude to STEP for its selfless support and looked forward to it.



△Ms. Shi Kangli from Shanghai Information Technology School



△Mr. Zhou Guangxing, General Manager of STEP Robotics Division


Taking advantage of the precious summer vacation time, the "student teachers" Jiang Hui, Ju Yi, Yan Qiuyan, Zhang Hong, and Zhao Yan, who have been interns in the robot factory for two months, talked about their internship gains and short-term and long-term plans. The STEP staff who attended the meeting also had a rare opportunity to think about and feel the teachers' novel approach to practical activities and teaching concepts from the perspective of teaching and imparting skills after leaving the school.

The participating teachers and experts unanimously recognized STEP's corporate culture, and positively affirmed the high degree of guidance and motivation of culture on corporate development, family and country feelings, and industrial practice.

STEP engineers Li Yepeng and Yang Zengfa spoke on behalf of the teachers, explaining the company's employment standards, work processes, team activities, work methods and content, and the improvement of productivity brought about by following the advanced corporate culture.


Ma Mingjuan, a teacher from Shanghai Information Technology School, commented on the teacher's internship report on the spot. Leaders of the Education Committee and experts also commented and spoke successively. Subsequently, accompanied by Mr. Fan Zeng, deputy general manager of the STEP industrial robot business unit, and the teaching team, the leaders of the Education Committee visited the STEP robot super factory.




All the teachers, leaders and STEP teaching team took a group photo in front of the factory.


Schools and enterprises benefit from each other, and teaching benefits each other. The factory practice activities of municipal teachers in STEP are also the effective extension and practice of the STEP school's return to education and the spirit of academic scholarship that is beneficial to public welfare.

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