G3 series servo driver
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G3 series servo driver

Fast and accurate: With a processor with a main frequency of 150MHz, the calculation speed is faster. Current loop frequency response; Should be 2.5kHz, speed loop frequency response 1.6kHz; The highest 23bit bus encoder can ensure the positioning accuracy; Using the Kalman observer to improve velocity accuracy;
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fast and accurate

With a processor with a main frequency of 150MHz, the calculation speed is faster. The current loop frequency response is 2.5kHz, the speed loop frequency response is 1.6kHz, and
the bus encoder with the highest 23bit can ensure the positioning accuracy.
The Kalman observer is used to improve the speed accuracy.


stable operation

Equipped with two sets of notch filters, the frequency and notch depth can be adjusted to effectively overcome the low-frequency resonance and the vibration of the mechanical end


feature rich

High-precision position clamping function, after the driver detects that the specified position is reached, the command is output through the IO port.
Absolute function, which can clear the multi-turn data of the encoder through the preset upper limit value.
12 kinds of control modes are available. Available for selection, can easily respond to various application requirements


Easy to debug

6-channel software oscilloscope is convenient for on-site debugging by application personnel.
Supports load inertia identification function, which is convenient for technical personnel to debug, shortens the product debugging process, and saves man-hours


Motor driven
Servo drive
Universal servo
Pulse servo
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Product Specifications:

Supply voltage: 220VAC (-15~+10%), 50~60HZ
Output power: 0.2kW, 0.4kW, 0.75kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW, 3kW, 5kW
Encoder: Bus or serial encoder
Digital IO signal: 8-channel input 4-channel output
Analog signal: 1 channel input
Communication method: Modbus protocol, custom CAN