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Input voltage: (380-460) V (-15% ~ +10%), three-phase power supply, voltage unbalance < 3% Input frequency: 45-65Hz Instantaneous power drop: When the three-phase AC (380-460) V power supply is used, when the input voltage is
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Lifting (potential energy type load)


Product introduction

AS620 series frequency converter is a special frequency converter specially designed for the elevator market, and is suitable for elevator driving occasions. The product adopts excellent motor control technology, which not only has excellent control performance, but also combines the application characteristics of Chinese elevators to further strengthen product reliability, environmental adaptability and customized and industrialized design, and can be well Meets the requirements of applications such as construction hoists.


Technical features

A variety of V/F curves to meet various field use needs

Positive and negative torque start and fixed torque start get a better sense of stability

Stable and reliable AFR function

Brake control function to avoid slipping

Jump frequency control function, effectively avoiding the resonance point of mechanical load

Automatic slip compensation, reducing the impact of load changes on motor speed

New PWM dead zone compensation technology effectively reduces motor loss

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Power input

Input voltage: (380-460) V (-15% ~ +10%), three-phase power supply, voltage unbalance < 3%

Input frequency: 45-65Hz

Instantaneous power drop: When the three-phase AC (380-460) V power supply is used, when the input voltage is <AC300V, undervoltage protection will be activated after 15ms


Power Output

Motor output voltage: 0VAC~input voltage, three-phase power supply

Output frequency: V/F control: 0.00-300.00Hz

Overload level: 150%, 60s

Output frequency accuracy: ±0.01% (digital command -10~+45) ℃, ±0.1% (analog command 25±10 ℃)


Digital I/O

Optocoupler isolated input: 8 channels, 24V high and low level active can be set, input function can be defined Open collector output 4 channels, output function can be defined

Relay output: 2-way normally open; 2-way normally open, normally closed contact


Analog I/O

Analog voltage input: 2 channels, -10~+10VDC or 0~+10VDC accuracy 0.1%

Potentiometer voltage: Provide +10VDC power supply (maximum 20mA) for potentiometer setting speed


Control characteristics

Control mode: V/F control

Starting torque: 2.50Hz, 150%

Steady speed accuracy: ±2% can obtain ±0.5% accuracy in the case of slip compensation

Carrier frequency: 2-8KHz Inverter power is different, the default carrier frequency will be different Frequency setting resolution 0.01Hz (digital command), ±0.06Hz/120Hz (analog command 11bit+unsigned)

Torque boost: automatic torque boost, manual torque boost

V/F curve: user-defined V/F curve, linear V/F curve and 5 kinds of torque reduction characteristic curves

Automatic voltage adjustment: automatically adjust the duty cycle of the output PWM signal according to the fluctuation of the bus voltage

Automatic frequency adjustment: follow the bus voltage fluctuation, automatically adjust the output frequency, and maintain a constant torque

Instantaneous power failure processing: In case of instantaneous power failure, the bus voltage control is used to realize uninterrupted operation

Energy consumption braking capacity: 75KW and below power level built-in braking unit, external braking resistor

DC braking capacity: braking current: 0.0-120.0% of rated current

Common DC wire: the whole series can realize the power supply of multiple inverters sharing the DC bus


Environmental conditions

Place of use: installed in an environment free from direct sunlight, no dust, no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no oil mist, no steam, no dripping water

Ambient temperature: (-10~+40)℃

Altitude: <1000m

Ambient humidity: (5-95)%, condensation is not allowed

Vibration: 3.5m/s², 2~9Hz; 10m/s², 9~120Hz

Protection class IP20



Cooling method: forced air cooling