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Input voltage U4N: DC power supply: 517~800VDC U6N: DC power supply: 816~1200VDC
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For rubber machinery


Product introduction

ME700 series engineering drives are common DC multi-drive inverters specially designed and developed for heavy-duty mechanical equipment in the rubber industry. The product adopts advanced vector control technology and torque control technology, which not only has the same excellent control performance as the international reliable inverter, but also combines the application characteristics of the rubber machinery industry to further strengthen the reliability of the product and the adaptability of the environment and customer satisfaction. The optimized design can better meet the needs of various transmission applications.



STEC ME700 series engineering inverters can provide two rectification methods, users can choose silicon controlled rectification method or AEF active rectification method according to specific needs. This series adopts a compact modular design, and users can choose individual power modules to combine or complete cabinet products according to their own needs. This series has abundant port resources, provides users with powerful programmable functions, and can meet various application requirements of different industrial sites. This series has several functions:

Can reduce current harmonics

Smooth DC bus

Reduce reactive power

current control

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power input

Input voltage U4N: DC power supply: 517~800VDC U6N: DC power supply: 816~1200VDC


Power Output

Output voltage: 0VAC~Un

Output frequency: V/F control: 0.00~300.00Hz

Vector control: 0.00~120.00Hz

Overload capacity: stable operation at 40°C, heavy load 150%, 1min; light load 120%, 1min

Efficiency (full load): ≥0.97


control characteristics

Control mode: V/F control open loop vector control closed loop vector

Starting torque: 2.50Hz 150% 0.5Hz 200% 0.00Hz 200%

Speed ​​range: 1:50 1:200 1:1000

Steady speed accuracy: ±2% ±0.2% ±0.02%

Torque accuracy: ±5% (closed loop control)

Carrier frequency: 2~5kHz

Frequency setting: 0.01Hz (digital command)

Resolution: ±0.06Hz/120Hz (analog command 11bit + unsigned)

Running command channel: operation panel setting, control terminal setting, communication setting

Frequency given channel: operation panel given, digital/analog given, communication given, function given

Torque boost: automatic torque boost, manual torque boost

V/F curve: user-defined V/F curve, linear V/F curve and 3 kinds of torque reduction characteristic curves

Automatic voltage adjustment: automatically adjust the duty cycle of the output PWM signal according to the fluctuation of the bus voltage, thereby reducing the influence of the grid voltage fluctuation on the output voltage fluctuation

Instantaneous stop non-stop processing: when instantaneous power failure occurs, the bus voltage control is used to realize uninterrupted operation

DC braking capacity: Braking current: 0.0~120.0% of rated current


Special feature

Parameter copy: standard operation panel can realize parameter upload and download, with copy progress indication

Process PID: can be used for closed-loop control of process quantities

Torque control function: torque/speed control can be switched through terminals, multiple torque given methods

Zero servo and position control function: can realize zero speed position locking, precise positioning, position control