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Input line voltage: 3.0/6.0/10.0kV (-10%~+10%) Input rated frequency: 50Hz (-2%~+2%) Input power factor: when the load exceeds 20%, it can reach more than 0.95 Control power supply: three-phase four-wire system 380V (equipped according to the capacity of the inverter)
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For medium (high) pressure
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Product introduction

AS800 series high-voltage inverter is a high-high voltage source-type high-voltage inverter designed and manufactured by Shanghai Sigriner STEP Electric Co., Ltd. which has power electronics technology and vector control technology. It greatly suppresses the Harmonic current is input on the grid side, and voltage superposition is realized by cascading multi-level H-bridge power units. It has excellent high-voltage sine wave output and can directly drive high-voltage motors without installing any filters. The harmonic index conforms to IEC std 519-1992 (International Electrotechnical Commission) and GB/T 12668.4-2006 (National Standard) requirements for grid harmonics.



Flexible terminal expansion without PLC. Flexible terminal configuration and expansion, digital/analog input and output terminal functions can be flexibly expanded and set according to user needs, no need for PLC programming expansion, only need to set corresponding parameter functions.


Vector control. According to the motor speed detected by the encoder, combined with the software vector control algorithm to calculate the motor speed, the decoupling control of the AC motor can be realized, and the control performance is comparable to that of the DC speed control system. Support constant power operation, support operation above the base frequency (magnetic field weakening function).


Reliable drive of electric motors. Multi-level PWM control mode, providing sine wave current output. The common-mode voltage and du/dt are small, and there are no special requirements for motors and cables. The old equipment is converted to frequency conversion, and there is no need to replace the motor.


Harmonic content is small. There is no need to add an output filter device, and the motor does not need to be derated due to harmonics. Harmonic content <5%. There is no pulsating torque caused by harmonics, which can prolong the service life of motors and mechanical equipment, reduce maintenance, and save maintenance costs.


Speed ​​tracking starts. Also known as flying start, the inverter first sweeps down from the highest frequency, when the inverter traces the frequency to match the motor speed, the inverter uses a unique phase detection technology to quickly increase to the voltage-frequency curve, to achieve the current motor speed Start directly on the basis.


Mechanical unit bypass. During the operation of the high-voltage inverter, when a single unit fails, it can automatically bypass the faulty unit to ensure continuous operation of the equipment; the maximum number of bypass units for each phase is 2; the unit bypass control system is independently designed to ensure the safety of the equipment Reliable operation.


Industrial frequency conversion non-disruptive switching. After detecting the amplitude, frequency and phase of the voltage, the output of the high-voltage inverter is controlled to have the same frequency and phase as the grid voltage, so as to realize the non-disturbance switching between the inverter power supply and the industrial frequency power supply.


The curve is displayed. The inverter touch screen operation interface can display the output current waveform of the inverter in real time, and can select real-time curves such as the speed of the output motor and the output power of the inverter, which is convenient for observing the operation of the equipment.


Bus voltage self-balancing technology. In the deceleration process using the original S-curve, overvoltage of a single unit will cause the deceleration process to stagnate, and the deceleration time will be prolonged; after the bus voltage self-balancing technology is adopted, the deceleration stop due to the high bus voltage of a single unit during the deceleration process is solved. , so that the deceleration time of the inverter is shortened to about 66% of the original, and the unit overvoltage fault during the deceleration process is avoided.


Power off. The high-voltage inverter can output continuously for 2 seconds during high-voltage instantaneous power failure during operation. During this period, if the high-voltage power is restored, the inverter can resume normal operation.


Cycle soft. Using one inverter to start multiple motors in sequence, precise phase-locking and frequency-locking functions; the maximum starting current is twice the rated current of the motor, and the switching time is within 1s.


Synchronous machine control. Support permanent magnet synchronous motors and separately excited synchronous motors; permanent magnet synchronous use absolute encoders, which can provide absolute position signals of motor angles; separately excited synchronous machine excitation cabinets are controlled by frequency converters, supporting power frequency startup and frequency conversion Synchronous start method.

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Input line voltage: 3.0/6.0/10.0kV (-10%~+10%)

Input rated frequency: 50Hz (-2%~+2%)

Input power factor: when the load exceeds 20%, it can reach more than 0.95

Control power supply: three-phase four-wire system 380V (equipped according to the capacity of the inverter)



Output line voltage: 0~3.0/6.0/10.0kV

Output frequency drift: ±0.5%

Output frequency resolution: 0.01Hz


Control function

Frequency range: (0.5 ~ 120) Hz (related to the motor)

Overload capacity 120%, 60s (can be designed according to user requirements)

Control mode: VF control/vector control

Control accuracy: ±0.5% of the highest frequency

Load torque characteristics: square torque load, constant torque load

Acceleration and deceleration time: (0 ~ 3200) s (related to load characteristics)

Signal input and output: 4 analog input and output, 16 digital input, 8 digital output

Main protection functions: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overheating, power unit failure, etc.

Standard communication function: Modbus,

Optional communication interface: Profibus-DP, etc.



Operation interface: touch screen


Transformer insulation class: H



Protection class: IP30

Cooling method: forced air cooling

Maintenance: Front and rear maintenance


Use environment

Operating environment temperature: 0~+40℃

Storage and transportation temperature: -20~+70℃

Humidity: <90% non-condensing

Vibration: below 0.5g

Applicable places: Indoors without corrosion, explosive gas and dust, the altitude is less than 1000 meters

Use load: internal mixer and other corresponding loads