iK2 series servo drive
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iK2 series servo drive

CNC collar dedicated servo: Standard Mechatrolinkll and MechatrolinkIII buses are perfectly adapted to CNC systems such as Baoyuan, Xindai, and Edraw; The Kalman observer algorithm makes the servo response faster; Load disturbance compensation algorithm makes processing more stable; Quadrant protrusion suppression algorithm makes the processing finer; With turret control function;
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Product advantages:

CNC collar dedicated servo

The standard Mechatrolinkll and MechatrolinkIII buses are perfectly adapted to
the Kalman observer algorithm of CNC systems such as Baoyuan, Xindai, and Edraw, which makes the servo respond faster. The
load disturbance compensation algorithm makes the processing more stable. The quadrant
protrusion suppression algorithm makes the processing easier. Fine
with turret control function


smart generation

The powerful internal position mode can plan multi-path continuous operation to achieve rich motion control functions; it supports up to 32 sets of data planning, and each set of data can set the number of pulses or angles according to requirements, and the speed of the internal position mode can be set , acceleration, deceleration and emergency deceleration
automatically determine the mechanical characteristics of load inertia, set the optimal gain, and shorten the system debugging time


stable operation

Mechanical resonance frequency analysis, equipped with two sets of notch filters, adjustable frequency (50~5000Hz) and notch depth, effectively overcome low frequency resonance and vibration at the end of the machine, vibration frequency (1~100Hz) and vibration damping friction rotation can be
set The torque compensation function can reduce the influence of static friction during mechanical commutation, and improve the command following performance of low-speed operation


Bus type servo
Motor driven
Servo drive
Universal servo
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Product Specifications:

Power supply voltage: 220VAC (-15~+10%), 50~60HZ
Output power: 1 0.4kW~7.5kW
Encoder: 17bit/20bit/23bit absolute value encoder
Digital IO signal: 8-channel input and 6-channel output can be performed Function setting
Analog signal: 3 input ±10V; switch
communication mode according to the control mode: MECHATROLINK-II, MECHATROLINK-III