Jump out of the comfort zone and embrace the new future —— 2020STEP annual conference was grandly held

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Jump out of the comfort zone and embrace the new future —— 2020STEP annual conference was grandly held

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The "2020 STEP Annual Summary Conference" was grandly held on March 5 in the lecture hall of STEP Shanghai headquarters. More than 200 representatives from STEP shares and its subsidiaries participated in the annual event, and Wang Shihai, managing director of SDIC China Merchants, was invited to attend.



STEP in 2020



The sudden outbreak of the new crown in 2020 has disrupted the pace of the world's progress. In the face of an extraordinary year, STEP leaders are determined to move forward. The Wuzhen conference focuses on strategy; the Huizhou conference transforms the organization; calls out new passions and new slogans: jump out of the comfort zone and embrace a new future.


" STEP in 2020 " STEP annual review, focus on strategy, change the organization; enhance industry influence, take responsibility; technological innovation, leading figures; customer-centric, actively expand the market; fight against the epidemic, overcome difficulties; five This chapter reviews the 2020 that STEP has gone through.


Jump out of the comfort zone and embrace the new future



Wu Yuhui, general manager of STEP


Wu Yu, general manager of STEP, will give a keynote speech at the conference: Jump out of the comfort zone and embrace the new future. Mr. Wu firstly congratulated STEP on its achievements in 2020. He said that under the guidance of the company's strategy, all employees of STEP have worked hard, innovated and changed, and achieved the best performance in history. In 2020, the sales revenue growth rate will exceed 10%, and the profit growth rate will exceed 50%. Looking back on the past year, we have overcome difficulties and made breakthroughs and innovations. We struggle and we are proud.


In the report, Mr. Wu evaluated the performance of STEP's five major business segments under the guidance of intelligent manufacturing: intelligent manufacturing, robotics, motion control, electrical control, and variable frequency drives. STEP Group has achieved excellent results in reform, operation, innovation, marketing, performance and other aspects. In particular, STEP ranks 50th among manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai, which is inspiring.


Smart Manufacturing & Robotics. The beat rate of STEP palletizing robot breaks through 1200 packs/hour, and the technology runs in parallel with international first-line brands. The two production lines of robot stamping and welding were delivered to Haier Qingdao Jiaozhou Industrial Park, serving as a lighthouse factory for Industry 4.0.



While deeply cultivating the field of body-in-white welding, the business unit vigorously expands the segmented market of intelligent manufacturing. The general industry has made breakthroughs in the field of construction machinery and won multiple large orders for intelligent production lines.



The first batch of 20 smart factories in Shanghai was released, and the STEP robot smart factory was honored on the list. The STEP inverter intelligent manufacturing production line and the STEP robot intelligent production line were put into operation this year.


In competitions such as the first Shanghai Industrial Robot Technology Application Skills Competition, STEP fully supports the healthy development of the industry by investing manpower and material resources.


field of motion control. While the sales performance has achieved huge growth, the Ω6 high-performance servo system developed following the IPD process has strong control performance, multiple protections, unique functional design, and refined industrial design, and won the annual new product award in the field of motion control.



The field of variable frequency drives. The scientific and technological innovation has achieved remarkable results, and the national science and technology support plan - port inverter project, national key research and development - SiC power device and other projects have completed acceptance.



Electrical control field. The elevator cloud solution is based on big data technology and blockchain encryption algorithm, providing new profit growth points for the whole elevator manufacturer. The smart phone contactless elevator call system based on the "elevator cloud" has given full play to its unique advantages in the nationwide fight against the epidemic and has been widely welcomed by front-line places such as hospitals.



The innovative product G9000 elevator control cabinet, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and processing, and the automatic assembly production line under construction will change the manual assembly method in the industry and realize automatic flow operation.



Scientific and technological innovation achievements are rewarded. Mechanical Equipment Control System - Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award; Key Technology of Elevator Drive - Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award; SE Elevator Controller, AS Intelligent All-in-One Machine - Shanghai High-speed Transfer Project.


A New Chapter of Advanced Characters



The annual conference sets awards for outstanding individuals and outstanding projects. The winners come from the shares and various subsidiaries, including the research and development leaders of the STEP Research Institute, the sales elites at the frontline of struggle, and the project engineers who rushed to the frontline of the anti-epidemic, and the financial management, information construction, TOC project and other teams supported by the back-up. Excellent individuals and excellent teams bloom brilliantly.


In order to reward teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions in technological innovation, technological progress and new product development, the STEP "Science and Technology Progress Award" is specially established in 2020. The winning projects include: 1 team for the first prize, 2 teams for the second prize, and 5 teams for the third prize.

A group photo of representatives of advanced figures


Chairman Message



Ji Yi, chairman of STEP


At the end of the conference, Ji Yi, chairman of STEP, delivered a speech, expressing his thoughts and advocacy on STEP's corporate culture. First, team culture, about cooperation, trust, growth, efficiency and common progress. Second, a customer-centric culture that creates value for customers. Third, a culture of professionalism, a sense of mission, and a sense of crisis in leading the team.


At the end of the speech, Director Ji concluded: Believe because you see it, and own it because you believe it. I wish you all good health and continuous happiness in your work and life.



From 1995 to 2020, STEP has passed its 25th anniversary. In the days of milestone commemoration, a good situation of continuous growth has started. STEP corporate vision: to become an international famous brand in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Let us continue to struggle, march forward bravely, and create a better tomorrow!

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