Smart technology, driving and controlling the future丨STEP operation and control new product launch conference held in Shenzhen

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-30 00:00

Smart technology, driving and controlling the future丨STEP operation and control new product launch conference held in Shenzhen

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-30 00:00
The Dongfeng of new infrastructure promotes the transformation of my country's manufacturing industry to automation, intelligence and digitalization. At the same time, the scale of China's 3C manufacturing industry, robotics and intelligence, automobile industry and new energy industries continues to expand, which continues to promote the growth of demand for operation and control products. .


On March 30th, the STEP operation control new product launch conference was held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). Focusing on the theme of "smart technology, driving and controlling the future", it introduced how the latest generation of control products integrate into the intelligent society. Many big names in the industry witnessed together - Ω6 series AC servo system & SC series motion controller landed in the Chinese market.


STEP press conference site



Gathering momentum to seek the future, to the future


Wang Gangzhi, General Manager of STEP Operation and Control Division


At the beginning of the event, Wang Gangzhi, general manager of STEP Motion Control Division, warmly welcomed all the guests present. Mr. Wang introduced the development overview of STEP. Under the guidance of the company's strategy, the five business divisions of STEP, motion control, intelligent manufacturing, industrial robot, frequency conversion drive, and electrical control, are flying together. Among them, the Singliner products of the Operation and Control Division are based on the advanced motion control algorithm from Germany, featuring high performance and high reliability. 


STEP has been deeply involved in the field of electrical control for 26 years. Combining the actual needs of customers' industrial applications, STEP has continuously made breakthroughs in technology, innovated independently, and obtained more than 800 patents and software copyrights. Take the lead in making major breakthroughs in the intelligent manufacturing industry, and complete the organic integration of automation, digitalization, and intelligence. Through advanced hardware and modern management software, intelligent manufacturing systems such as a flexible manufacturing platform for drive-control integrated machines and a super demonstration factory for robots made of robots have been created.


Accelerating integration into the era of smart economy, STEP Operation Control has launched new products in line with the trend of smart production: Sigriner Ω6 servo drive products and STEP SC motion controllers.



Sincere work, heavy release


Dr. Ding Xinzhong, STEP Central Research Institute


Dr. Ding Xinzhong from the Central Research Institute of STEP introduced the  Sigriner Ω6 AC servo system from multiple angles around the directions of free debugging, high performance, comprehensive security protection, and intelligent interconnection .


The Ω6 AC servo system has strong core control performance and self-tuning function, which saves 90% of equipment debugging time.


The Ω6 AC servo system applies intrinsic safety to the servo system and integrates the intelligent fault diagnosis function, which greatly reduces the risk of failure and improves the operation safety.


The Ω6 AC servo system also has innovative designs of intelligent interconnection such as one machine, one code, and WIFI wireless connection.


Dr. Wang Ke, STEP Central Research Institute


Dr. Wang Ke from the Central Research Institute of STEP brought you the SC series of motion controllers that STEP has focused on .


As an excellent intelligent manufacturing control product, the SC series motion controller is flexible, easy to use and sharp and powerful. It has the characteristics of easy expansion and modularization, and even the host can replace the internal modules. STEP Automation Studio development tool software, drag-and-drop configuration, can realize zero-configuration one-stop intelligent solution, oriented to the combination of cloud and intelligence in Industry 4.0, and deeply cultivate the industry technology.


Break through the status quo, innovate applications


Liu Weidong, Product Director of STEP Operation Control


Focusing on the technological development trend of intelligent manufacturing and creating more value for users, Liu Weidong, director of STEP operation control products, shared "Detailed control, ordinary people I don't tell him", deeply analyzed the current development trend of automation technology, and comprehensively introduced STEP operation control Controlling the electrical solutions and applications of laser cutting machines, die-cutting machines, and winding machines, STEP's continuous strong product and technology research and development capabilities will help customers continuously improve the competitiveness of equipment and continue to promote the rapid development of the entire industry .


A solution and product display area was set up at the launch event. Many innovative products and industry solutions were unveiled together, and the one-stop visit comprehensively demonstrated STEP's innovative design achievements in motion control and industrial robots.



Forge ahead and set sail


STEP press conference site


STEP operation control will uphold the concept of mutually beneficial cooperation with upstream and downstream partners, in the continuous innovation and development of the ever-changing technical field, integrate the relevant interface equipment with the drive control as the core, and provide the overall automation control solution to meet the needs of customers in various sub-sectors to improve quality , capacity expansion, and cost reduction. To work hard for the strong development of China's manufacturing industry, let's gather together and set sail!


Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition STEP booth

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