​Gobi Expedition | Trial and Growth

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​Gobi Expedition | Trial and Growth

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At noon on June 21, 2021, in the hot and desolate Dunhuang Gobi in the scorching summer, after 2 days and 1 night of self-challenging and teamwork on foot, the STEP 6 teams successively rushed through the ruins of the Kumbum Monastery. At the end, they jointly completed the 58-kilometer Gobi challenge. STEP's first Gobi Expedition with the theme of "One step at a time, one heart and one road" has come to a successful conclusion!



This time, the STEP team experienced the cruel test of Ge Xing, and grew up in the purgatory-like training. More than 70 people in the STEP team flew to the vast Gobi desert, chasing each other in the riverbed, canyon, saline-alkali land and black Gobi; withstood the high temperature test of 40 degrees on the surface, many people stepped on the soles of their feet and walked through the ground full of stones ;In front of the sharp camel thorns, blindfolded, obeying the guidance of colleagues with complete trust, walked through the risky Gobi; when exhausted, teamwork, carried the injured colleagues to the end together, never Abandon, never give up...Of course, they also saw the wonders they had never seen before—the Yadan landform, the dilapidated but majestic Suoyang City, the majestic Kumbum Monastery, and the vast, clear The incomparable starry sky, seeing the rising sun and the sky full of rays... "A person can go fast, a group of people can go further", this is a golden sentence widely circulated in the Gobi, and it is also the truth of the team's trekking portrayal. Colleagues who fought side by side in the past have become teammates who share weal and woe in the Gobi today. In the harsh environment of no-man's land, the team is the most reliable and the most powerful source of energy for each other. For 2 days, with the same heart and the same road, forge ahead, every companion around you, every hand in hand, is a beautiful scenery that is rare and unforgettable in this life. STEP people interpreted their sense of belief in the goal with the actual actions of the Gobi trip. They showed a team appearance of "ideal, daring to fight, tough enough, and capable of surpassing" in the Gobi.


Ji Yi, chairman of STEP, personally participated in this expedition. At the end of the event, she wrote emotionally in her circle of friends-the first round of red sun she saw while walking at night, the Gobi Desert singing loudly about the sea and laughing loudly, and the feeling of sleeping in a tent and looking up at the starry sky...all because of two days Hiking that challenges your limits becomes more meaningful. After five months of training, the original intention was to let everyone develop the habit of exercising. Unexpectedly, we have embarked on the road of "abusing" ourselves one after another, breaking through our own results time and time again. Our speed in the Gobi even exploded. trainer. The inner wolf nature of everyone in the STEP team has been ignited. Jumping out of the comfort zone and embracing the new future, we jointly interpret the power of STEP to break through ourselves and challenge the future.


In order to successfully complete its strategic goals, achieve rapid growth in performance, and build a team that can fight tough battles through solidarity and cooperation, at the end of 2020, the management team decided to choose Gobi trekking to hone the team.


For this trip, the STEP team made full preparations. Since its launch in early February, after 100 days of intensive training, a team of 80 people has completed two long marches. From 10,000 steps per day in the first month, to 4 kilometers at least 3 times a week later, to 8 kilometers at least 3 times a week later, gradually increase the exercise index. There are many people who run 7 times a week, and there are even players who have insisted on running 8 kilometers every day for 10 consecutive weeks. In addition to daily training, STEP organized a selection competition for all contestants, conducted practical training according to the difficulty of the competition, and tested the training results. Some teams felt that this was not enough. They used their weekend breaks to simulate the high temperature in the Gobi, and chose to train at the hottest noon time to test whether their preparations were sufficient and whether the players could withstand the intensity of the competition. During this process, many colleagues who have had little systematic physical exercise since graduating from university have achieved self-breakthroughs, and the spirit of the whole team has undergone great changes: running faster, walking faster and farther, The weight has also been reduced, the work efficiency has also been improved, the communication between the teams has become smoother, and the company's performance has also achieved breakthrough growth, which better shows the image of STEP people to customers.

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The coach in charge of organizing this trip said after the game that from the daily devil training to the running all the way on the field, the pace of the champion team was 8 minutes and 30 seconds per kilometer, which is a rare good result in long-distance travel. STEP is the most well-prepared team among the Gexing teams he has experienced.


Wu Yuhui, director and general manager of STEP, believes that the STEP team braved the scorching sun and heat to retake the road of Xuanzang, aiming at tempering will, strengthening teamwork, strengthening execution, improving efficiency, and promoting team growth. The intelligent manufacturing industry that STEP is engaged in is facing fast-growing market opportunities and fierce market competition. It needs to adhere to the concept of "communication, collaboration, simplicity, and efficiency", from R&D, manufacturing to sales, and service. Create value. In the vast Gobi, the harsh natural environment, for ideals and beliefs, the STEP team did not shrink back in the face of difficulties, united as one, always insisted on not reaching the goal, never giving up, and joined hands to reach the finish line. This is the most profound part of Ge Xing's experience.


In the first Gobi Expedition, there are also some deficiencies that are worth improving: very few team members quit the race due to various reasons, some teams need to further strengthen teamwork to develop a better team spirit, and the sense of competition is too strong, etc. We will face the shortcomings, Continuously sum up experience and lessons, in order to do better in the future, treat our work and customers with the spirit of Gexing, and better focus on customers and create value for customers!


STEP's first Gobi Expedition has aroused strong repercussions inside and outside the company. The employees who participated in it all said that this was a rare and unforgettable event. Although the process was very difficult, it was also the most beautiful experience in life. Many customers and partners said that seeing the STEP team working so hard, if there is an opportunity, they would like to join hands with the STEP team to go to the Gobi and build a deeper friendship.


Step by step, one heart and one road. After experiencing tempering and growth, STEP will definitely create greater achievements and realize goals and wishes!

 Travel through the Gobi through the lens and witness the power of STEP

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