STEP is about to appear at the 2021 CIIF: Product Gathering, Technology Sounds Unprecedented

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-11 00:00

STEP is about to appear at the 2021 CIIF: Product Gathering, Technology Sounds Unprecedented

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  • Time of issue:2021-11-11 00:00


Product build-up, technology voice is unprecedented

December 1-5 National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

We sincerely invite you to visit STEP booth!

Booth No.: E019, Hall 7.1H



The five major business segments of STEP ( electrical control, motion control, robot, variable frequency drive, and intelligent manufacturing ) will be exhibited together, with a booth area of ​​528㎡. We have selected 20 products and solutions, as well as 40 industry application case videos , to comprehensively demonstrate the value brought to customers by STEP's 26 years of hard work in research and development and continuous innovation.



STEP also prepared a number of technical exchanges and product launch activities on site, let us see the future of intelligent manufacturing together!



At that time, we look forward to your visit to the STEP booth to achieve interaction, integration and cooperative growth with us.


Prospects of CIIF · Highlights of Exhibits


Starting from this issue, we will introduce the highlights of each exhibit in stages. Today, let’s learn about the SC30 motion controller, which was shortlisted for the Grand Prize of this CIIF .


SC30 motion controller




The SC series is a programmable automation controller (PAC), and has formed sub-series such as SC20 and SC30. It can provide robot control, CNC numerical control, PLC logic control, loT edge computing and other functions on the same platform without special hardware or Firmware upgrade, only need to switch different software configurations, which can realize robot and CNC control such as multiple coordinate systems.


The SC series has powerful performance. In addition to the embedded high-speed FPGA and innovative patented synchronization algorithm, it is also attributed to the patented multi-machine collaboration technology. One SC series product can simultaneously control multiple robots or CNC machine tools and robots. Realize multi-machine mixed programming, which only needs software switching, and can be completed with one interface.




■ Modular and easy to expand design

■One-stop intelligent solution: all in one development software STEP Automation Studio, the ultimate in ease of use

■ Compatible with IEC platform

■ Powerful cloud function



■ Excellent operation and control performance: fast action command response, short-cycle high-precision, rich algorithm library, combination of drive and control, support for jitter and vibration suppression



Application industry

Winding, robots, textiles, lithium batteries, machine tools, aviation manufacturing, etc.



For more exciting highlight series, please see the introduction in the next issue...

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