STEP丨AS170Plus new generation of water pump dedicated inverter

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  • Time of issue:2021-01-29 15:25

STEP丨AS170Plus new generation of water pump dedicated inverter

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  • Time of issue:2021-01-29 15:25



01 Product Introduction


AS170Plus is a new generation of piggyback inverter dedicated to water pumps , which has the consistent high-quality style of STEP products and the pursuit of perfection, integration, and intelligent high-end product concepts. Breakthrough internal system configuration, small size, and greatly improved heat dissipation and shock resistance. Advanced and reliable control algorithm, independent drive and control, continuous improvement of efficiency and significant improvement of system noise. Compatible and economical, fully compatible with three-phase asynchronous induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, and synchronous reluctance motors. The brand-new appearance design, stable and spiritual, makes people fall in love at first sight.


02 Product Features


intelligent. Integrated pump control logic module, integrated drive and control; high-efficiency range selection, intelligent pressure adjustment and other energy-saving algorithms; integrated mechanical vibration detection, pump room temperature detection.
efficient. High power factor; high-efficiency motor drive; intelligent energy-saving algorithm.
Mute. System-level noise optimization, down to 6dB; high carrier frequency; advanced motor control algorithm, high-quality current waveform.
reliable. The whole machine has a high IP54 protection, no fear of condensation and splashing water in the pump room; PCBA3C4 thick coating, suitable for humid environments; digital drive integration, simplifying the complexity, from simplicity to firmness.
extreme. Accurate fault protection, unattended, peace of mind; accurate water time control, save every kilowatt-hour of electricity, and cherish every drop of water.
fusion. Perfect system compatibility; universal adaptation of various motors; portable installation; various solutions for full electric control systems.


03 Scope of application


♦ Commercial real estate, community residences, secondary water supply applications in public places, HVAC cycle applications;
♦ Construction sites, water supply applications for production processes.


04 Technical parameters


♦ Power range: 1.5~22KW;
♦ Input voltage: 380VAC±10%;
♦ Compatible motors: asynchronous motor, synchronous reluctance motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor;
♦ Main functions: complete pump control function, various types of motor drive and Protection, environmental temperature and mechanical vibration detection and protection.


05 Built-in vibration monitoring


In addition to the traditional motor self-tuning, AS170PLUS adds a vibration calibration setting, which can synchronize the monitoring output value with the actual measurement value of the expensive inspection-type professional instrument. The subsequent real-time measured vibration value can be uploaded to the host computer through CAN bus or MODBUS bus, and the working condition of the water pump will be recorded and updated.



06 Product advantages


♦ The product has a built-in PLC intelligent frequency converter with perpetual calendar function. All the functions required by the pump can be easily set and perfectly achieved
; Control cabinet;
♦ Built-in vibration monitoring and CAN bus, real-time monitoring and transmission of pump loss information;
♦ Muffler: The frequency converter runs silently, with special noise reduction and mute technology.
♦ High power factor, low input current, strong adaptability to the renovation of old residential areas, and more business opportunities.
♦ There is no need for a complete set of electrical cabinets, and the input switch is downshifted to increase profit margins.
♦ Monitor the status of the pump and actively contact customers about maintenance, which not only improves service quality, but also wins a good reputation from customers.
♦ Active maintenance, avoiding third-party service providers, collecting market profits after maintenance, and customer maintenance quality is guaranteed.


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